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A Chef Muses! This Juicy Month of June

I muse a lot, I muse about food the most and my friends tend to do the same.  So aptly called A Chef’s Musings, this blog is my first intro into the world of Blogging, my first intro into the world of virtuality, it’s a lot of firsts actually.

Well I toyed with the idea long enough, wasted enough money asking others to do my website to no avail, so I thought I better walk the talk and try to create this site exactly the way I have always demanded others to do it, a website that supposedly touches your five senses. Do you think it’s possible?
Well I hope it will. This is my first attempt so it better work out.
Through this Blog, I wish to be able to tell you when my classes will be, where I ate, what’s cool in the kitchen, Where to get it, and other food related issues and information that I can get my hands on.
A Chef’s Musings will be as eccentric as I usually am. It will be (I hope) something we can talk about and relate to and laugh about and think happy thoughts. I would like to bring us all together through my blog, foodies around this country as well as foodies around the world and trust me I know many of them especially in Australia.

So enough said, I need to get a move on things. So here goes……………….

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!