Today is Day 1 : I Begin my journey……

Today I start a soup diet, I will be eating more soupy stuff from the 1st of June and hopefully by writing this each day, I will be more careful and more guilty to let it go. Each day I will do a recipe of the soup I am consuming and hopefully take a photo as well.

I just feel  need to go on this diet because of late I feel my body is doing strange things and being as stubborn as its owner. I also feel my digestion system is doing badly as well. I tend to be burping and feeling all gluggy and heavy especially at the gym.  It’s a horrible feeling and after yesterdays fat moment where I felt so fat for some reason and someone commented that I had gotten fatter in a matter of days, now that really got to me.

So today I begin, started my day with a walk, then went to the gym for a class and came home and did some work, and hopefully I will be able to pull through the day without any problem.  I want to feel energized and lighter this evening when I go for my second and third class for the day.

Soup of the day is Barley and Mushroom Soup. I have soaked the barley as I am typing this and I will be using Dried Shitake Mushrooms.  Perhaps I will add in some carrots as well.

So here is my recipe:

Light Barley and Mushroom Soup

Barley Pearls                                       ½  bowl

Mushrooms                                         10 pieces – to be soaked

Garlic                                                  3 or 4 cloves – to be left whole

Carrot                                                  1 small – to be sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

Water                                                  5 cups + 2 cups

Herb of your choice


  1. Boil Barley with the 2 cups of water and throw away the water after first boil. This is to remove the starchiness from the barley.
  2. Reboil barley with the five cups of water  and add in mushrooms and garlic.  Leave to simmer till barley is done. Garlic should be softened and easy to mash with a fork. This should take about an hour or so.
  3. Add in carrots and leave to boil till carrots are soft but still kind of crunchy.  The quantity should be around half the pot or less. Never boil soups on high heat.
  4. Season to taste.  Leave it to cool and enjoy it.
  5. Do drink more water through the day, and have fruits as well.

I do hope having writing something each day will help me and who ever who reads this.  I believe by writing this, I will pedantically follow it and not like before think of it and forget.  That seems to be the story of my life.  Will report how I go along through the first day.  Once the soup is done I will take a photo of it. And I just realized for some reason my camera is no where to be found!!!!!

Wish me all the best!


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