Day 2: The Journey is continuing

Today is a busy day, lots of orders and lots to cook and so there will be a lot of tasting and if something taste nice you taste it again, and again and again. My work hazard I should say.

So after the tasting and tasting, I decided on something light, and refreshing, something without a lot of hassle as I already cooked more then 15 items of food earlier in the morning. But I must say having soup for dinner I is a nice feeling, its light and wholesome, though I did have a cookie from Coffee Bean courtesy of another BFF. So right before bed I had soup… a small bowl though.

I must say though that the first days soup did overflow to the next day, because I put too much ingredients, so today, soup is just for one person for two meals at the very least.

So here are  my four ingredient soup. I used Torch Ginger simply because I love the smell and have never tried it as a soup ingredient before.  If you guys don’t know what Torch Ginger is, it’s Bunga Kantan in Malay.  Here is a photo.

Torch Ginger

Tangy Tomato Torch Ginger Soup

Tomato                                             1 – to be roughly chopped
Torch Ginger (Bunga Kantan ) 1
Garlic                                                 1 clove – to be sliced
Tamarind Slice                               1
Water                                                3 cups
Salt and Pepper to taste
Chicken Powder                            ½ tsp *
*careful with the salt if you use chicken powder

1. Just use the flower of the torch ginger. Wash and place in 3 cups of water and boil it till it is fragrant. Add in garlic. Simmer for about 20 minutes or so
2. Add in chopped tomato, tamarind slice and seasonings. Leave to simmer for about 5 minutes or so. If you want a little more soup add in a bit more water. Remove tamarind slice.
3. Serve hot.

Wonderfully easy isn’t it and the taste is just divine, because it’s fresh, it’s tangy and most importantly light. You can have it with crackers as well.
I was quite shocked with the result as I really did not want to do anymore cooking but because I was blogging I thought I had to keep my word. So there you go, blogs do keep you disciplined.


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