Day 3 – Going Going Going…. SOUPY!

It’s baffling that I am a caterer and at times there is nothing in the fridge of interest to my palate. In other words, there is no food in my fridge except bits and pieces and this and that that does not interest me at all.

Don’t ask me to go to the market although I live just 2 minutes away. I could send the girls but its just too tedious so today, its simple, I found two Celery Sticks in the fridge and a bit of lettuce leaves. So today its just greens. Could be another ingredient soup or perhaps even less. Am really not in the mood to cook, but I need my soup, and also I need vegetables so there is no choice.

I am a lazy cook, and worst still a lazy eater. So lazy days will always outnumber full on power crazy days in my life… just warning everyone in case they notice slumps here and there. Eccentricities you see. All Cooks have it. Well today is one of those days. I have cupcakes to make and hopefully I can squeeze in gym at mid day. So I better upload this quickly and then later will add the photos once I am done.

Today’s Soup of the Day                                                                           

Soup Celery a la Minutes (plural)

Celery 2 sticks – to be sliced
Lettuce Leaves a few – to be torn randomly
Ginger 2 slices
Chicken Powder ½ tsp
Black Pepper to taste
Water 3 or 4 cups


1. Boil water and add in Celery and Ginger. Leave to boil and simmer till it is about half the amount.
2. Add in seasonings and Lettuce Leaves . Leave to simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes. We do not want the lettuce leaves to be too soft.
3. Serve…

There you go, easy peasy, breezy Celery Soup!


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