Shokudo – Armada Hotel PJ

It was one of those days when I just did not feel like going to the gym. The weather was too hot, and I was just not in the mood at all to do anything strenuous. It was just one of my moments which I might admit that I have too many off. So one call to BFF and suddenly we found ourselves at the newly opened Shokudo at Armada Hotel. Well actually BFF saw the sign from his office window while waiting for the lift.

We called to make reservations and was told it was fine to walk in and yes the 50% discount was valid and so we thought ok lets go, it was a last minute thing, we talked on the phone at 6.30, made reservations at 6.40 and 7 pm I was waiting at the lobby.

So with 50% off we could order a lot more items as well I thought. I mean it cannot be that bad at all being in a hotel. So I actually walked in the sun mind you, and this is the person whom in the last paragraph said the weather was too unbecoming and here I was trudging away to Armada Hotel.

We reached, we walked up the staircase, and low and behold, the restaurant was in a little corner of the hotel, it was just a space they used up, not a bad thing I should say, easy to change if things don’t work, look comfortable enough, nothing special or opulent about the place. We got in and my name was sung out by the chef and he came to tell me there was no 50% discount as it was only valid for lunch. So ok that went off badly but still let’s be positive, we were there, it was a last minute thing so let’s make do.

There was one elderly waitress who was very sweet. We had her undivided attention because we were the only ones in the restaurant at that time. She even told us what was good value for money and what was not, so we decided on me having a Beef Teppanyaki and I insisted the vegetables be almost raw, and BFF ordered a Seafood Tempura Set. Then suddenly chef and waitress disappeared.

The place was noisy as it was opened and there was a function taking place, so we saw a lot of action from where we were seated. We saw a lot of rather scantily dressed girls sauntering out of the place with different men, and then leaving with different men and mind you it was not even 7.30 pm yet.

Ok food arrived. Starters first of course, Chawan Mushi. It was nice, smooth and silky as it should be. I guess a Japanese Chef cannot call himself a chef if he cannot make a mean Chawan Mushi. So that went down well. Then my Beef Teppanyaki arrived.

My Beef Teppanyaki looked ok, not over the top and not pretentious like a lot

Succulence on a plate

of places, I thought that was not a bad thing. I told them no rice and no miso soup so that was removed. I have to say the beef while not being the most expensive wagyu beef was nicely cooked. The beef was a perfect medium rare. I must say it was tasty especially based on the fact that Teppanyaki is often cooked with the most basic ingredients, butter, salt and pepper being the most common. It was good, just the way I like my beef to be.

Close up of my Crunchy Vegetables

Now my vegetables, they were under cooked to an extent though I would have preferred it less cooked but what irked me was the fact that they used margarine to sauté my veggies. The taste of margarine was quite strong and I thought cost effectiveness aside and the fact that we did not get the 50% discount, butter or good oil should have been used. I ate it anyhow because I just felt like eating vegetables but I was kind of disappointed. Alas I finished everything so I cannot complain. Anyhow forgot to mention while I was describing all this BFF’s food hadn’t come yet.

So ok it came… Seafood Tempura

Seafood Tempura Set

Set it was. With Tempura Prawns, a piece of Squid and believe it or not Tempura Dory Fish. So there you go, Dory Fish is quite universal. I like Dory fish by the way, simply because it’s always filleted, skinless, and does not taste like fish.

I had a tastes of course. Frankly I am not a fan of tempura because I am not a fan of oil. I will eat my Maids wonderful fried chicken and mind you she has a few recipes that will totally drive you crazy, but somehow when I am out, I try to stay away from fried foods because I know how it is prepared. I guess this is a curse of being in the food business.

I digressed… stop me next time!

Well Tempura Vegetables are oily. I do not understand the concept of making something so healthy so unhealthy. It’s not like I lead a healthy life all the time but I feel Tempura Vegetables are so unnecessary. It was crunchy but only in the first few minutes that it appeared on the table. So when you order tempura, don’t talk, just eat!

The prawns were big. Am not a fan of prawns unless it is breaded. I had a piece of Squid which was nice, not to rubbery. So there you go, I think my Beef Teppanyaki Set won hands down.

Please do not get me wrong, Shokudo, in a nice little quaint place with no thrills and frills, no pretense, just Japanese Food and that’s it. Don’t expect too much for the price.

As BFF and I went on talking through the night, the place did fill up, in fact just as we left I think there was only two tables left, quite a few Caucasians as well. We did not have dessert, it was nearly 9 pm when we left.

So there you Go, Shokudo! Kind of rhymes doesn’t it 

Try it though, give it a chance. The Waitress( I forget her name) was a sweetie.


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