Three Days of Soups

I have been taking this soup thing rather seriously and in three days I seem to feel some results. For one, I don’t feel all gluggy, two, he who said I looked fat on Monday reckons suddenly I look normal…. whatever that may mean.  But yes I do feel normal and lighter and for some reason just sprightly. 

This may all be just something chronic and in my head but lets see how it goes. The fact that I have to do something like this everyday makes me think of it all the time and so I feel this has stopped me from eating nonsense, which I am very good at doing.  I actually think about it when I am about to pick up something not too good for the body.

I must admit though, I am eating other lighter things and the occasional biscuit or cracker but nothing that will make me feel uneasy and uncomfortable.  I wonder if I am going in the right direction. So lets see how things go after one week.  I am curious myself. Maybe in 50 days time I can have a before and after photo 🙂

Today I met someone at the gym whom I have not seen for ages perhaps two or three months, and she is tiny. So of course busy body went up and asked her why her bum was so small and she said she had a Diabetes scare and so she cut down all sugar and she lost weight. I love my sweets although I must say I have cut down heaps but still, its hard to resist.  Hopefully I will make myself more healthy with this current fad I am trying out. 

On Monday for some reason during Body Combat I just wanted to die, i had no strenght, I had no power yet since Tuesday, its been different. I don’t know what it happening to the old body but after three days, I see and feel something.  Ok I wont write to much. Thing could change, but I would like to blog down everything for more people to read. 

Heres wishing me luck!


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