Soupy Day 4

It’s Day 4, I had Pao for breakfast, not healthy but I have my soup for the rest of the day. Todays soup will be something different I

Boiling Fast and Furious

feel. Its a left over vegetable soup. Leftovers does not mean old food, but bits of this veg and bits of that veg which I will boil and then blend for that extra creamy flavor.  I also found some Stir Fried French Beans from yesterdays dinner and that looks like it will be going in too.  Just boil on high heat, fast and easy as shown in the first photo.

When blending Veggies you must make sure you have a good color combination because sometimes different colored veggies can give you a putrid purple color not so appetizing soup.  So be careful.  This is a low fat version of cream soups because the veggies once blended to a pulp will have a thick consistency much like a creamy soup.  Add a dash of cream if you like though. It really is nice.

Boil these veggies till it is soft to ensure a nice smooth puree. Then you will not have the added work of having to run it through a sieve.

I did not have to add any salt of pepper though I opted for some pepper for some extra oomph.  The combination of veggies and flavors along with yesterdays French Beans seen to have enough flavor for me though my girl Sri reckoned it was tasteless.  I did not budge, I did not add anymore salt at all. And after Pureeing even my brother who is fussy thought it was tasty and had enough salt.  he said it was just nice.

Pureeing vegetables is a good way to feed fussy eaters and to ensure they have their daily fibre.  By pureeing, you make vegetables invisible, so fussy non vegetable lovers don’t see the dreaded greens.

Softened Vegetables

“Creamy” Vegetable Soup                                                                                               


Cauliflower              1 small floret – roughly chopped

Carrot                        1 to be roughly chopped

French Beans          5 or 6 – Roughtly Chopped

Onion                         1 medium – cut into four

Garlic                         2 cloves

Cherry Tomatoes   a handful

Water                         about 2 cups 

Salt and Pepper

A Little Chicken Powder            1/2 tsp


1. Boil the water and add in veggies and seasoning and leave to boil till it is soft. Veggies should be soft.

2.Leave to cool and then blend it till it is fine. Reheat and serve warm.

3. If you are not weight watching like me, add in a dollop of cream.  Leftovers can be kept in the freezer and used as a base for interesting sauces.

Pureed Soup - Where did all the Veggies go??


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