Soup Day 5

It’s been five days, I feel wonderful, I do eat other things of course but not as much as the soup makes me full.  Today though, I may have a problem because I made such a nice soup yesterday, I hope I can think of something better today.  Today is going to be busy as I have to decorate cupcakes as well as to ensure a catering order is done without glitches before 2 pm.

Yesterdays soup made me very full although I did pick on wholemeal bread while making sandwiches last night, I shared them with my dogs, so I probably ended up eating two whole slices by myself.  I did not sleep well though, I was sneezing right up till 2 am because I drank three large glasses of Air Serai. I asked Eda for a glass of water and she gave that to me instead and of course I did not say NO.  So I gulped down three glasses without any thought, so hence the sneezing bout.  Am fine now though a little nasally sensitive at the moment.

So today’s soup may be relatively simple or something leafy.  I like my soups light although yesterday was an exception, so day may be a light leafy soup with garlic and onions.  Will have to send the girls to the market to see what is available.  I have this sudden thought of Chinese Cabbage.  It could be a possibility.  Will update with a recipe later today.

While the soup is called so simply because of its appearance, I think this is just what I needed, it was simple, cooling, a tiny bit hot, and most importantly light.  The Soy Sauce just gives it that enough flavor taste. I have not used Soy Sauce in any of my other recipes so this was a change. It was too hot to bother cooking too and I was super busy.

Chinese Cabbage

Dull Insipid Cabbage Soup

Chinese Cabbage                           4 or 5 leaves – to be cut into large strips

Garlic                                                 1 clove – to be sliced

Water                                                 about 1 1/2 cups

Dried Chilly                                   1/2 piece – as shown in photo

Soy Sauce                                        to taste

Pepper                                             1/2 tsp


1. Cut Cabbage into bite size strips.

2.Boil water and chuck in the garlic.

3. Add in Soy Sauce to taste

4.Add in Chinese Cabbage and let it boil for two or three minutes. Add in a piece of Dried Chilly.

5. Season to taste. Remove Dried Chilly if you do not want it to be too spicy.

6.Serve this coolingly light soup.

Simply Light Chinese Cabbage Soup


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