Soup Day 6 – Sunday

Sunday… hmmm My Girls Eda and Sri were having their off day so I plundered to the gym did two classes and thought to myself on how I would like to do nothing, but alas I had work to do even without the two of them. No rest for the Wicked they say.

I did get Eda to buy me some spinach, thought I would go leafy today. So I reached home to an empty house, and saw the spinach sitting in water, meaning to say I had to pluck the leaves and wash it and all. You know while cooking is what I do for a living but without people doing all my cutting up and cleaning up I swear I would not step into the kitchen. And this was one of those moments.

I had to actually check what was in the fridge. So I found some baby carrots, and I had to look for the garlic and I had to peel an onion. Things I don’t normally do. Shocking isn’t it how bad we become.

I nearly called Sri to find out where the garlic was when I noticed it staring me in the face, UNPEELED!

You know I swear if it was not for this Blog I would have ditched the whole idea gone across the road to my parents and played the hungry kid waiting for mummy to cook… but I was STRONG.

So today’s lazy soup will be spinach soup. I boiled the carrots, onion and garlic till it was fairly soft, then added the spinach in. I also added in some curry powder to give it something extra.

Then I looked at the spinach boiling and thought hmmmm I think I will chuck it into the blender for one of my blended soups.

So that I did and the taste was so so, I think of course it would have been good if it was with cheese and cream something similar to a Palak Paneer. By the time I finished all this I called the girls twice to find out where they were.

I even did the washing up!

Here is my simple recipe:

Blended Spinach Mush

Spinach Leaves 200 gm – leaves which I had to pluck myself
Baby Carrots 100 gm
Onion 1 small to medium – peeled and cut into four by myself
Garlic 1 clove – had to skin it myself too.
Curry Powder ½ twp or more if you like
Pepper and Salt to Taste
Water 2 cups or more

1. Boil water and add in carrots, onions and garlic.
2. Let it simmer till it is soft.

The Boiling Bit

3. Add in spinach leaves and seasonings as well as curry powder.
4. Leave to boil till leaves are soft.
5. Leave to cool and then blend it.

6. Nice with cream and milk and cheese alas Weight Watchers like me have to imagine.

The Finished Product – Green Mush with Orange Speckles – Tasty though, but just imagine it with a swirl of cream on the top!


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