Souper Day 7 – 4 Minute Instant Soup

Today is my day off, and for some reason my girls Eda and Sri are no where around. Well they are in the other house doing some work there, so once again I am left to my own devices so hence today’s Souper Fast Soup –

Ala 4 Minute Instant Soup.

Believe it or not that’s how fast I took to cook it. Three vegetables and water and some fish sauce, and voila…. It’s done!

I feel its tasty enough for me because too many seasonings can actually spoil the taste of the very vegetables you have added into your soup. Some may balk at the fact that the soup was boiled all of four minutes but I like my vegetables with a bite, not soft and mushy like I would in a curry. Even in curries sometimes I find them overcooked. So there you go, done just the way I like it.

The colors are still there, the taste of the vegetables is still there and for sure it has not lost a lot of its nutrient content if any. It’s sheer chunks of succulent vegetables.

So here is my recipe for today:

4 Minute Instant Soup

Cabbage               4 leaves – randomly chopped
Tomato                1 small – cut into 4
Yellow Capsicum 1 – to be cut into large cubes
Water                     1 ½ cups
Fish Sauce to taste


1. Boil water. And once water is boiled add in all the vegetables and leave to boil for 4 minutes or so.
2. Add in fish sauce, taste and remove from heat.

How easy is that?


One response to “Souper Day 7 – 4 Minute Instant Soup

  1. Nick,

    What wonderful posts. Your soups are so simple and yet wonderful.

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