Ravi’s Jaya Three 2 Square PJ

I have been going to Ravi’s over the last few months. I love my Thosai especially Rava Thosai, so since it’s the closest to my house I do go there a bit to get my Thosai fix. Today though, I am writing about it.

Well Ravi’s opened last year and it was my parents who went there to eat and found their food to be nice and they even sell Appams which my mother reckons is really good. Have tasted it myself and yes I must say it is nice. But being a Thosai person, I just go there for my one Rava Thosai with Coconut Chutney.

The restaurant boasts a big list of dishes even Chinese dishes like Claypot Tofu, and a few others that I seem to forget and having said that the numerous times I have been there I have not noticed anyone ordering these clapypot dishes. Sometimes I feel one should not try to emulate something one is not too familiar with as catastrophes are built on this.

This is similar to one Indian Takeaway in Petaling Jaya that sold Fried Ice Cream and yours truly got all thrilled and ordered not one but three different flavors to share with friends and low and behold, obviously the cooks were not trained to prepare this and ended up deep frying the ice cream in oil that was used to fry fish. Talk about a Shocking Ending to a meal!

Ok I digressed once again. Back to Ravi’s. Ambiance wise it is a big restaurant and rather clean and with neat immaculate staff from India. They know their job quite well and do it well enough. However, I have gone there a number of times and they totally ignore me or make it like I am oblivious and I am sure all who know me know that I am not the sort that blends in, so its hard not to notice me. At times we have to yell out for service quite a few times before we are asked what we want.

Most of the time we take away because its more convenient but the few times I have gone there first of all, I have to say I always come out of the restaurant feeling awfully sticky. The workers there have no qualms in switching off all the air conditioners and even the air curtain at certain times of the day of when the shop gets less busy.

So today, my friend was in the vicinity and so he called me to have Indian at Ravi’s. So off  we went, got a park right in front of the shop and went in to sit down. The shop was not really full maybe about 10 tables of people who were mostly already served, so we waited, and waited as usual, and finally after three calls and a few waves someone came to take our order of Masala Thosai and my usual Rava Thosai.

In the mean time I got my Vadai and Curry Puff. Now these two priced at 70 sen each is quite a good price and when hot tastes extremely nice. However, I found the curry puff a little more spicy then my liking and so I took a long time to eat it. Anyhow it is always a favorite and if you want it hot, go around 2 pm.  This time around it was a Vegetarian Curry Puff. I do wish they would put some carrots into the filling.

The curry puffs I do recommend because I had a friend who was not into mutton and when he took the first bite I actually saw his eyebrows rise because it was that good.  Don’t listen to my spicy talk, I just cannot eat foods that are too spicy these days.

One thing about Ravi’s is that consistency is always a problem. I have had my Rava Thosai numerous times and it always tastes different. Even the degree of crispiness is different and worst is the coconut chutney. At times it is extremely extremely spicy that I end up eating my Thosai plain. Today my Rava Thosai was nice, albeit a bit wet in the middle because they fold it and it seems thicker, and the Chutney was just nice. Almost perfect. All in all, both Thosai and Chutney was one of the best I have had since I started going there. The Thosai could have been a tad bit crispier, but it was fine, I was hungry so I ate everything.

Cross Section of a Masala Thosai

The Masala Thosai took a little longer to come, and that too looked nice because although my Thosai came five minutes earlier, my friend finished his Masala Thosai way before I finished mine. The filling was the usual potato curry which I have had before and it is nice. Now I must say his Thosai was crispy even in the middle with the filling because when I cut it to take photos it seemed nice.

For drinks I just had Ice Lemon Tea and friend had a Coke. We sat there for a while as I just got stickier and stickier and left at 4.30pm,. The Bill…. All of RM9.90, which is fine of course, no problems with the price, never has been an issue, but just the meal experience can be improved

For one, the Staff have a tendency to sweep and mop right under your table as you are talking and eating. Now I don’t know why the owners won’t do anything about it. Having said that, a major grouse with me is just three things, the air conditioning and the staff inattentiveness and the sweeping and mopping.

I will still go there again of course, no doubts about it, sitting outside is better and I think everyone knows it because there are seldom tables outside.

Try the curries and the Fried Chicken, I have never ordered it but tasted it when friends have eaten it, its crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and they serve Vegetarian Rice as well and of course the curries. Scale of freshness of foods is high, because I know for a fact I have seen them replenishing in the afternoons at different times and by 9.30 pm you eat what is left, nothing is left behind for the next day.

Ravi’s is a much needed Indian joint in this area, we have never had any before as far as I can remember. So there.


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