Soup Day 8 – A Slow Soup for a Slow Day

Today is a cool day, in fact I cannot believe I could actually doze off in this weather and I did too and woke up at precisely 2.45 pm. It’s a big change since the horribly hot weather we have had. So today instead of rushing with 10 minute and 4 minute soups, I decided to slow things down and do a slow soup. A soup which should be ready by the time I type this out.

Since it is relatively cooler, I thought of something more broth like but I did not want to add in rice, or barley or even lentils because it will take too long. I was even tempted to try this duck flavored rice congee from Nestle and add it as a base but I thought I shall stick to making my soup meatless, not like there is a hint of quack meat in that congee anyhow.

So today I decided on a 2 mushroom soup. I did not go out and buy any fresh mushroom I just took some wood fungus (Moo Er) and Dried Shitake Mushrooms and soaked them and then sliced them thinly. That is my protein for the day. I have had some Saltines through the day so I think that is enough carbohydrates for me.

Oh yes Eda made Potato Bread to day and stuffed it with cheese and fried onions so I had no choice, I did not want to disappoint her so I ate . It was wonderful I have to say.

I added fresh tomato instead of tomato puree simply because I wanted the fresh taste and also that not so red look. No tomato in this world can ever give you that deep red color, so no point adding stuff you don’t need. So with the slow cooking the tomato should have disintegrated leaving its color and full flavor in the soup.

So here goes is the recipe for the day.

Double Mushroom Soup

Dried Shitake Mushroom 5 or 6 to be soaked and sliced
Wood Fungus (Moo Er) 1 piece – soaked and sliced
Carrot 1 medium – to be sliced
Tomato 1 large – roughly chopped
Cabbage Leaves 3 or 4 leaves – randomly cut
Chicken Powder ½ tsp
Pepper to taste
Water 3 cups


1. Boil the water and add in mushrooms and carrots. Once it is boiled just add in the tomatoes and leave to simmer till it is half the quantity. (note the difference in the photos)

Full Pot

Half Pot

2. Once it is half the quantity, add in seasoning and Cabbage leaves. I like my cabbage leaves with a bite, so just boil it for about 3 to 4 minutes.


One response to “Soup Day 8 – A Slow Soup for a Slow Day

  1. It looks like a great recipe for Sunday brunch. Thanks for sharing.

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