Everything but the Kitchen Sink Quickie Fried Rice

We were suppose to have guests in for coffee at 10.30, so it was just suppose to be coffee and curry puffs, guests over slept and just arrived at 12.20, so we rushed and made friend rice with whatever we had in the fridge.  We even had to cook the rice fresh, so it was something that had to be done fast.  We here meaning Eda and I of course. Sri was with the parents doing other stuff.   We have just about nothing much in my fridge as usual, so we had to make do with what was available.

I mix in the vegetables in the hot rice simply because I do not want the vegetables to be overcooked while frying the rice. This way its still crunchy and better for health.

So here is the recipe:

Rice 2 cups                  to be boiled as usual with Maggi Seasoning and ½ tsp Maggi Chicken Powder

Medium Prawns           100 gm or more – to be peeled and deveined

Eggs                                  3

Chinese Cabbage         ¼ – to be sliced thinly

Four Angled Beans     6 or 7 – to be sliced thinly

Yellow Onion               1 – to be sliced

Fu Chook                     4 pieces to be sliced thinly

Minced Garlic               1 tbsp

Salt and Pepper to taste

A little soy sauce if needed



  1. Once rice is done remove and pour it into a bowl and mix in all the

    Stir in Veggies into Hot Rice


  1. Heat a pan, and fry eggs.
  2. Mix fried eggs into rice as shown in photo

3.  With the balance oil add in garlic and onions and sauté on low flame. Add in prawns.  If it is too dry just pour in about ½ cup of water.  Cook on high heat.

4.  Once prawns are cooked add in Fu Chook.  Stir through till it is slightly cooked. There should be no more water.

5.  Add in rice, stir on high heat, season if necessary. Serve hot


One response to “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Quickie Fried Rice

  1. Gosh Nick! The fried rice really looked so yummy!
    When u inviting me over to try some???

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