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Suji Cake Day

Today I had orders for Suji Cakes and Suji Cupcakes. For those who don’t

Fresh out of the oven Bare Suji Cakes

know what Suji or Sujee Cakes are, it is an old fashioned cake usually served at celebrations like weddings, big birthdays, and Christmas.

While this cake in Malaysia seems to be a fascination of the Eurasians and the Cristangs in Malacca, this cake actually originated from Sri Lanka or Ceylon back then. Now however over the years I notice a rise in popularity of the Suji cake amongst the Chinese as well.  And I must say this cake is eaten with a lot of class as well.  Come to think of  it, most of my clients are Chinese as well.

This cake is usually served at important birthdays, Christmas and weddings. Somehow though, I have a number of clients who order it all year round.
This cake is one that is an acquired  taste and often it is not a cake for kids and younger people though that does not stop parents and adults getting it for them. I was one of those victims many moons ago. I never liked the cake till a few years ago, so I guess it comes with Birthday. Parents should realize that Suji Cake at that age is totally uncool!

Also most Caucasians or Westerners for that matter don’t seem to taste any difference in this cake and consider it  just another Butter Cake.  I always tell them try eating a whole Butter Cake and 5 pieces of Suji Cake and see which yields the most weight gain.

Its richness lies in the usage of mainly egg yolks and with Ground Almonds and at special occasions when it is coated with Fondant and Marzipan or sometimes even Butter Icing, it is worth its weight in folds! The amount of Folds we will find on our bodies after consuming it. But still, it is a firm favorite and no one can take this away from us Malaysians.

I started out making whole cakes for sale but now I have introduced Suji

Suji Cupcakes

Cupcakes, and it is just the right size and totally no mess when serving. Suji Cupcakes just needs a tiny bit of decoration unlike conventional cupcakes. This is

Group Pose Suji Cupcakes

because of its richness. This cake is not for the weight conscious. I’ve had customers who have totally banished this cake but then still order it once a month pretending they have forgotten the banishment.

This cake is highly priced because it is made with ground almonds, and it is a lot of work as there are different stages before it is mixed up and baked.  It is also a very temperamental cake so it has to me made with a lot of patience and love.  Never rush when you make this cake because it will be a disaster, Trust me I have had many a disasters with this and with its expensive ingredients; this will be a total waste.

Well enough said, hope you like the photos