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Restoran Mei Yen – Paramount Garden PJ

It was past midnight, I was chatting with my neighbor Ian who actually lives behind my house. You know with virtuality you don’t have to see each other to befriend someone you can just chat, and so here I was after a tiring day of running around cooking then doing a bread class that required lots of kneading and then after the class running back to finish cooking for the order kind of finally took its toll.

I do not usually eat so late at night but suddenly I felt peckish. I just wanted to pick pick on something, so since Ian is the only person I know who lives around here, so naturally I asked him. Now Ian has a tendency to not want to eat although he gives new meaning to being slim. But today surprisingly he said yes. So since I craved Or Chien or Oyster Omelet, and we did not want to go so far away so we decided on Restoran Mei Yen in Paramount Garden.

Now I have to say, I did not go there because the Or Chien is spectacular, I just went there because it was close by. The last time Ian and I went there was rather disappointing so I did not expect much. Especially since it was so late, we had no expectations at all.

Anyhow we went there and sat down, I chose to sit outside, because it would be cooler and not too crowded. We were greeted by a pleasant waiter, unlike the few other times where the waiter treated us like we were the migrants. This time this one was polite and had a smile.

We ordered Or Chien of course, and a big one because we were hungry. Again I have to remind you no expectations at all tonight.

Since it was late so we ordered 100plus. That was RM3 which was fine, and

A large Plate of Or Chien

soon our Or Chien came, a nice large plate and I might add seemed a little bit more fuller then the last two times I have come. I looked at the plate and thought wow, this looks good, and the first mouthful was really a satisfying one. It was really nice. It was fresh and the size of our oysters was really a shocker to the both of us because the oysters were nice big juicy ones. Not bad for RM15, we

Succulence on Chopsticks

thought. I did wonder why they gave us two large dishes of chilly sauce, I feel less chilly sauce and more Or Chien would have been better.

Mei Yen does sell very nice Hokkien Mee and Kung Fu Mee, which I have had with another set of friends and the last time Ian and I were there a group of guys came and ordered quite a lot of nice food. They had seafood, they had meats and everything. I cannot tell you exactly what they had because we could not really see but they had a bout seven different dishes.

Now tonight, the Or Chien was so nice that I had to actually stop Ian who was complaining about his school just to say, “Hey, it’s really nice today”. And he agreed.

That time, Ian and I had Sotong Kangkung (Water Convolvulus and Red Squid). Now I like this dish very much but Mei Yen’s version was not to my liking at all. The sauce was too thick and too much and it was too little for the price we paid. But then again maybe like the last outing where the Or Chien also tasted lousy, they may just have had a bad day because to-day I noticed it was the same person doing both the dishes.

Price wise I think Mei Yen is ok, although they should be consistent with their food. I hope the next time I have a craving it will be just as good.

I might add, I bought my brother some as well and came home and took a taste just to see if there was consistency….. YES! There was. And it was larger than the last time as well. It also had too much chilly sauce for some reason.

Ambiance wise, do not expect anything. A big zero is what you will get for comfort. Still do not understand why these Chinese Coffee Shops never have serviettes at the table?

Service is good. Tonight it was good. I might add as I was driving off, the waiter actually waved and said goodnight. I thought that was nice and polite. Nice ending to a very late night.

Soup Day 12 – Another Rush Day Soup

Today was a busy day, I had to finish an order then prepare for a class, and because I missed three days of soups, I had to make sure I got something up today. So todays soup is actually a rush soup and it is a leftover of vegetables from yesterday to be precise. It’s precisely Three Simple Steps.
I just want to show how anything can be made into a soup by just using a little

Yesterday's Vegetables - Step 1

bit of creativity. Yesterdays cauliflower Indian style complete with mustard seeds, curry leaves and turmeric, became todays soup of the day!

Boil with a little water or stock

I found the container in the fridge and decided, to boil it a little more to soften the cauliflower and then I pureed it in the food processor. Fast and easy. And at least I had some vegetable intake today.

I could have added some more carrots and other vegetables but I was in too much of a rush and the girls were busy doing stuff too. Actually they were preparing for my class. So todays soup, and let me tell you that you can do a myriad things

Done - Mushy but nice!

with leftover vegetables. Think of it as a free hand soup. Anything goes! It still after all Vegetables!

Leftover Vegetable Soup

Leftover Vegetables from yesterday
A little water

Seasoning if necessry.


Boil Vegetables till is is a little bit more softer, season, leave to cool and puree. Three simple steps.

Soup Day 11

Today was another busy day. We had an order for 70 pax for Pfizer, and so it was a slightly ruched morning because finally I was able to open up my email and found out my client wanted foods for vegetarians as well. So it was a mad rush to ensure the staff did not add in anything unvegetarian to the food because I did see them cutting it all up.
After cooking I had to rush to make another suji cake and cupcakes, and I had to do it quickly because my hairdresser was coming over to do me up, so it was a big big rush. So once again I did not have time to think of any soup because I was rushing to make the cake to ensure it was cool and also I promised friend to make some Chicken Liver Pate which I did in the afternoon while the cake was cooling off.
So soup of the day will be another simple one. I will be using a bit more egg white for he next few days because in my freezer at the moment there are the yolks of about 70 eggs. So that’s nothing Yolk about!

Today I am using a vegetable I do not like very much, Long Beans! I sent the girls to the market without a list and this is what I got…. I swear sometimes they do it on purpose. Anyhow I will have to do something with the Long Beans. So I thought I would pair it with tofu and of course chicken stock

Tofu, Long Beans and Egg White Soup

Soft Tofu                                        1 small piece – sliced

Long Beans                                   6 or 7 strands – to be sliced

Egg White                                      1/4 cup + 1/4 cup water

Salt and Pepper to taste

Chicken Stock                            1/2 cup


1. Boil Chicken Stock and add in Tofu and Beans.

2. Leave to simmer and when the stock is slightly reduced, season to taste.

3. Increase heat and add in egg yolk.  Soup will thicken. Remove and eat immediately.

Soup day 10

It was a difficult day today as I got so busy and could not even sit down to think of a soup to create. i did have the ingredients bu the last minute Suji Cake orders came in and so I had to prepare stuff and then run off to the gym and all, it seemed like I had no time at all, and by the time I sat down it was already late at night.
And then, there was problems with my internet, I could not connect the whole night to even write something. So today’s soup was given a miss.
So what did I think of doing, well it was another green soup as I need more leafy vegetables in my diet. So here is today’s recipe.

Siew Pak Choy or Bok Choy

I am using Siew Pak Choy, and don’t ask me what it is in English. I know it’s Bok Choy in Australia.

If you noticed from yesterday I used chicken stock. The reason I have chicken stock is because my Aunty is not well and she has just come back from the hospital and every day since Wednesday we boil her a piece of free range chicken together with different vegetables so I grab a cup of pure chicken stock. So here goes.

Siew Pak Choy 1 bunch – you may cut it into 2
Garlic 1 clove
Chicken Stock 1 cup
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Boil chicken stock and garlic, simmer till soft.
2. Add in vegetables and leave on high heat for 2 minutes. Leaves should wilt.
3. Season to taste. Eat it while its hot.

Easy and Pretty!

Japanese Bread and Potato Bread Class

It was a cool cool day, and I had to finish off an order for the evening as well as make sure my class was ready for 2 pm. Kam Wai Peng got two of her friends, Meow Yin and Celia and since Wai Peng though quiet as she was in the last class did look like the kind who could be a fire cracker so I thought why not, just have the class. I knew it would be a fun class

So at 2 pm, they all were in my kitchen ready to rock and roll, and guess what? I had no recipe!!!

My printer decided to act up and so brother dearest was asked to download drivers and for some reason those drivers did not work, so out came the thumb drive at 1.15 pm and saw my brother rushing around to look for a printer.

By the way, for this class I decided to get some muscle strength in the form of BFF Hafiq. And he was there on time at 2 pm and still no RECIPES!

Finally it came, so of we started. This was a fully hands on class so the two

Wai Peng getting a little Posey

portions of the recipe was made and then the fun started with the kneading which was the longest part of the class…. A whole 30 minutes! It was fun puffing and heaving and I noticed one of my students seemed quite seasoned in what she was doing… she had everything down pat. I feel however, the three ladies today were pretty seasoned and did not mind getting

Everyone Getting Busy

into the groove of things unlike some of the other classes where I get one or two dainty darlings, who leave such an impression on the rest. This bunch rocked! I think if I gave them a whole big basin of flour to mess around with, they would have done it with glee. This attitude is important in my classes.

Hafiq showing the girls that kneading is a Man thing!

Thank goodness Hafiq was there to lend a hand because ordinarily I would never make this bread for my own consumption because of the hard work. Hafiq is my Kneader for this class and having done this class before he could take control of a few things, albeit a

Celia showing her kneading skills

bit of shyness at the beginning, because everyone thought he was in the food business and not the Engineer that he really is.

The Potato Bread was easy though and it probably breath a sigh of relief to everyone when they found out kneading time is only 10 minutes.

Nicely Proofed Bread from the hot car

Now with cool weather, proofing bread can take a little longer, moreover it started to drizzle when I placed the bread outside, so Mother was around and suggested the car which was hot of course, so off the bread went into the hot car to be proofed. And it did proof well and faster too.

For today, we made Sausage Bread, Dried

Todays Produce

Prawns Sambal filled rolls, Savory Loaves with Cheese and Dried Prawn Sambal with Cheese and Mexican Buns which I seriously doubt comes from Mexico. The photos speak for itself and everyone packed heaps of breads to take home. First batch of Mexican Buns looked messy because the butter that we stuffed into the

Meow Yin - Star Student of the Day making Dried Prwans Sambal Rolls

bread roll was rather large, so it seeped out and made the coffee topping spread, but when the coffee topping became crispy, it was actually a rather nice butter coffee flavor. And I am not a coffee person by nature.

Some were not convinced that one can fuse Cheese and Sambal, but let them go home and taste it. I think the taste is just so wonderful, because I do it all the time. Wai Peng the person that she is who experiments thought the flavor would be nice.

Fried Onions with Cheese also drew a few looks of wonderment, but I made it the other day and my customers seemed to like it.

In the end everyone felt the potato bread was easier and by far more tasty and fluffy. And I informed everyone that this bread lasted longer then the Japanese Bread.