Restoran Mei Yen – Paramount Garden PJ

It was past midnight, I was chatting with my neighbor Ian who actually lives behind my house. You know with virtuality you don’t have to see each other to befriend someone you can just chat, and so here I was after a tiring day of running around cooking then doing a bread class that required lots of kneading and then after the class running back to finish cooking for the order kind of finally took its toll.

I do not usually eat so late at night but suddenly I felt peckish. I just wanted to pick pick on something, so since Ian is the only person I know who lives around here, so naturally I asked him. Now Ian has a tendency to not want to eat although he gives new meaning to being slim. But today surprisingly he said yes. So since I craved Or Chien or Oyster Omelet, and we did not want to go so far away so we decided on Restoran Mei Yen in Paramount Garden.

Now I have to say, I did not go there because the Or Chien is spectacular, I just went there because it was close by. The last time Ian and I went there was rather disappointing so I did not expect much. Especially since it was so late, we had no expectations at all.

Anyhow we went there and sat down, I chose to sit outside, because it would be cooler and not too crowded. We were greeted by a pleasant waiter, unlike the few other times where the waiter treated us like we were the migrants. This time this one was polite and had a smile.

We ordered Or Chien of course, and a big one because we were hungry. Again I have to remind you no expectations at all tonight.

Since it was late so we ordered 100plus. That was RM3 which was fine, and

A large Plate of Or Chien

soon our Or Chien came, a nice large plate and I might add seemed a little bit more fuller then the last two times I have come. I looked at the plate and thought wow, this looks good, and the first mouthful was really a satisfying one. It was really nice. It was fresh and the size of our oysters was really a shocker to the both of us because the oysters were nice big juicy ones. Not bad for RM15, we

Succulence on Chopsticks

thought. I did wonder why they gave us two large dishes of chilly sauce, I feel less chilly sauce and more Or Chien would have been better.

Mei Yen does sell very nice Hokkien Mee and Kung Fu Mee, which I have had with another set of friends and the last time Ian and I were there a group of guys came and ordered quite a lot of nice food. They had seafood, they had meats and everything. I cannot tell you exactly what they had because we could not really see but they had a bout seven different dishes.

Now tonight, the Or Chien was so nice that I had to actually stop Ian who was complaining about his school just to say, “Hey, it’s really nice today”. And he agreed.

That time, Ian and I had Sotong Kangkung (Water Convolvulus and Red Squid). Now I like this dish very much but Mei Yen’s version was not to my liking at all. The sauce was too thick and too much and it was too little for the price we paid. But then again maybe like the last outing where the Or Chien also tasted lousy, they may just have had a bad day because to-day I noticed it was the same person doing both the dishes.

Price wise I think Mei Yen is ok, although they should be consistent with their food. I hope the next time I have a craving it will be just as good.

I might add, I bought my brother some as well and came home and took a taste just to see if there was consistency….. YES! There was. And it was larger than the last time as well. It also had too much chilly sauce for some reason.

Ambiance wise, do not expect anything. A big zero is what you will get for comfort. Still do not understand why these Chinese Coffee Shops never have serviettes at the table?

Service is good. Tonight it was good. I might add as I was driving off, the waiter actually waved and said goodnight. I thought that was nice and polite. Nice ending to a very late night.


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