Soup Day 11

Today was another busy day. We had an order for 70 pax for Pfizer, and so it was a slightly ruched morning because finally I was able to open up my email and found out my client wanted foods for vegetarians as well. So it was a mad rush to ensure the staff did not add in anything unvegetarian to the food because I did see them cutting it all up.
After cooking I had to rush to make another suji cake and cupcakes, and I had to do it quickly because my hairdresser was coming over to do me up, so it was a big big rush. So once again I did not have time to think of any soup because I was rushing to make the cake to ensure it was cool and also I promised friend to make some Chicken Liver Pate which I did in the afternoon while the cake was cooling off.
So soup of the day will be another simple one. I will be using a bit more egg white for he next few days because in my freezer at the moment there are the yolks of about 70 eggs. So that’s nothing Yolk about!

Today I am using a vegetable I do not like very much, Long Beans! I sent the girls to the market without a list and this is what I got…. I swear sometimes they do it on purpose. Anyhow I will have to do something with the Long Beans. So I thought I would pair it with tofu and of course chicken stock

Tofu, Long Beans and Egg White Soup

Soft Tofu                                        1 small piece – sliced

Long Beans                                   6 or 7 strands – to be sliced

Egg White                                      1/4 cup + 1/4 cup water

Salt and Pepper to taste

Chicken Stock                            1/2 cup


1. Boil Chicken Stock and add in Tofu and Beans.

2. Leave to simmer and when the stock is slightly reduced, season to taste.

3. Increase heat and add in egg yolk.  Soup will thicken. Remove and eat immediately.


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