Soup Day 12 – Another Rush Day Soup

Today was a busy day, I had to finish an order then prepare for a class, and because I missed three days of soups, I had to make sure I got something up today. So todays soup is actually a rush soup and it is a leftover of vegetables from yesterday to be precise. It’s precisely Three Simple Steps.
I just want to show how anything can be made into a soup by just using a little

Yesterday's Vegetables - Step 1

bit of creativity. Yesterdays cauliflower Indian style complete with mustard seeds, curry leaves and turmeric, became todays soup of the day!

Boil with a little water or stock

I found the container in the fridge and decided, to boil it a little more to soften the cauliflower and then I pureed it in the food processor. Fast and easy. And at least I had some vegetable intake today.

I could have added some more carrots and other vegetables but I was in too much of a rush and the girls were busy doing stuff too. Actually they were preparing for my class. So todays soup, and let me tell you that you can do a myriad things

Done - Mushy but nice!

with leftover vegetables. Think of it as a free hand soup. Anything goes! It still after all Vegetables!

Leftover Vegetable Soup

Leftover Vegetables from yesterday
A little water

Seasoning if necessry.


Boil Vegetables till is is a little bit more softer, season, leave to cool and puree. Three simple steps.


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