Limon Cello – The Epic Begins……

Tomorrow I make Limoncello for dad’s birthday.  This is the first time I have made anything alcoholic unless you could mums raisin wine that we made when I was a kid, so this times it’s the real Mc Coy. This is another quest and photos will follow along with the recipe that I pick tonight and work on to improve it.

If you guys don’t know what is Limoncello, well it is an Italian Lemon Liqueur originating from the South of Italy around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorentine Peninsular, and other parts of that region as well as Sicily ( )

Limoncello is usually served as an after dinner drink.  It has to be served chilled almost to the point of it resembling slush.  It should be served in ceramic cups so that the coldness will remain longer.  It should be good in our hot weather especially on a hot afternoon, getting high on Limoncello.  I think this is a nice liqueur, I have had a it a few times courtesy of my friend Noreen who makes it as well, so this is my first time trying something like this.

The lemons should be soaking longer then the 8 or 9 days I have before the big party, but I think it should be fine.  Lets see how it goes.

I will give you a day to day run down on the happenings along with photos, and right till the day it is served.  Will give you a step by step photo and explanation on how it is done.

So Let this Endeavor begin…. Operation Limoncello!


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