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Al Amar – Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Today was a day of rest, for the last four days since Thursday I have had heaps of orders as well as having to prepare for my cooking workshops which happened yesterday.  So hence the slowdown in blogging.

My favorite of the Buffet

So today, Dan suddenly asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch, a rare occurrence I might add especially on a Sunday, so I jumped to it.  He suggested Pavilion in KL, I thought perhaps somewhere closer but I did not argue. So at 11.45 I was in his car on the way to Pavilion.  We reached at 12.15 and funnily enough there were heaps of Car Park space.  This was a strange phenomenon especially on  Sunday afternoon, because I know for a fact even during our economic recession last year Pavilion was always full. Anyhow today was easy so I am happy, no complaints.

So we walked around first restaurant we saw was Ying Ker Lou, but since I was there last weekend at the Curve, so no, not again. We walked through the whole floor thinking of what to eat and then we got on an escalator after another escalator and soon we reached the floor of the so called more expensive section of Pavilion.  We passed a few, the most appealing one was the Vietnamese Restaurant.  Dan asked if I wanted that, but I suggested we walk around and then come back. He suggested Chinese which I was fine, and then suddenly we passed Al Amar and he looked at the advert, and said ok Al Amar. The power of advertising I might add never ceases to amaze me.

Dan and I were at Al Amar with my friend Noreen during Chinese New Year and we liked the food. And Noreen mentioned  about their buffet and how wonderful it was around April and so we thought why not. I had desserts in mind, and I am sure Dan thought the same.  And of course the other foods that we would be able to savor this afternoon that we could not manage that time we came in February.

We entered and was greeted almost instantly when the owner chef signaled the waitress. We were seated, and I looked at the array of starters and was very impressed.  The photos speak for it self.

Sadly, none of the foods had names.  While I am a fan of Middle Eastern Food I am still not familiar with the names and so it would have been a good idea to have names so that we could be more well versed about what we ate. But perhaps they wanted to keep it a secret.  I will endeavor to look for all the names of the foods we ate today.

We sat down not even three minutes and Dan says “lets start”. So we did,  That’s what I like about Dan, when we go out for a buffet, there is no namby pamby. You eat straight away.

Now as I said earlier the starters were just excellent looking. It was a myriad colors and even though some things may have been bland, the people at Al Amar succeeded in making every starter look rather photogenic.  I am sure the photos speak for itself.

Now as I took my starter with Dan I glanced around and noticed the dessert table looking a bit mundane. But I guess it was a bit early and Noreen did inform me that they served and array of desserts when she was there a few times, so we had hope.

The Starters were excellent to eat, we polished out first plate and then went for a second one.  Beverage was free flow, something I like because I tend to drink a lot.  So if you have free flow beverage, there could be a chance I will be lurking at your place.  I found my friend cheesy spring roll to be just the way I like it. In fact I enjoyed everything on that platter.

Or course I enjoyed my breads and salads and well suffice to say, I loved it. In fact I went for a third plate of Starters, and this time I ventured to the main courses to check what was in store for the next round.

There were 11 main courses and also 2 soups.  One by one I opened it and everything looked nice and rich, and I might add, simple Lebanese foods.. This is probably because Al Amar know people like me come in and may get confused if they cooked anything too foreign.  So I think!

We staggered for awhile and then went for our main courses.  I thought I would try the Lasagna because it looked nice.  Then I took some Beef Balls in Sour Cream ( I promise to get the name soon).  Then suddenly everything looked too heavy and so I thought I would go and try it later. I did check everything again. I wish there were names of the foods. Would make the life of bloggers much more easier.

I did find the last dish to be strange. It was the seafood dish, with Crab Sticks. Now any chef in the world unless you are Japanese will know that there is no crab in crab stick.  Whilst I know of the escalating costs in food as I am in the business as well.  But still, to substitute crab with crab stick is not right. The chef and owner should understand people are more discerning these days.

Dan and I did not go back for a second serve of main courses, simply because we were full and nothing really tingled out palates. Now I must add. I may be fussy but Dan is not usually this fussy.  He was full though, but that did not stop the two of us to go for the starters again.

So we started with Starters and we ended with Starters….. WHY???? Dessert was shocking! I think Dessert was such a downer. It was a pancake like thing with a gummy tasting stuffing in it. It was really not to my liking as Dan and I had high expectations for the dessert.  There were fruits. Funnily enough the cheaper fruits were cut but the slightly more expensive stuff like the grapes and mangoes were on display.  I did not go for the fruits, although I was tempted to ask them to cut a mango for me. I should have perhaps.

Frankly, I won’t go for Al Amar’s Buffet. I would go for the normal a la carte menu. The last time I was there in February I had a wonderful time.  Now I don’t know why but perhaps it’s me and Buffets. Somehow I never ever enjoy myself.

The bill was $149. I guess that was not too bad, the ambiance was nice, very stylish people of Arab descent walked in, it was a nice sight to see.

Try Al Amar. Maybe if you are a newbie, try the buffet. But if you have been there and had A la Carte, I suggest you stick to A la Carte.

Limoncello – Day 3 – The Strong Whiff

Today I shook my Limoncello contents and decided to open the cover just to see if everything was ok and not off. And off it was not for sure, because as soon as I stuck my nose near the jar the smell of the lemon infused alcohol shot right up my nostrils and I actually had tears in my eyes. It’s that potent!

So everyone out there who wants to try this out, please don’t do what I did or even let a child near it because the alcohol can really shoot right up your head and give you kind of a brain shock.

So from all this I can safely say by Thursday when I bottle the contents I can safely say it should be on track. Hopefully the color will be a nice lemon yellow because so far it seems to be still clear to a light tinge of yellow.

Here’s hoping.

Photo will be added..