Limoncello – Day 3 – The Strong Whiff

Today I shook my Limoncello contents and decided to open the cover just to see if everything was ok and not off. And off it was not for sure, because as soon as I stuck my nose near the jar the smell of the lemon infused alcohol shot right up my nostrils and I actually had tears in my eyes. It’s that potent!

So everyone out there who wants to try this out, please don’t do what I did or even let a child near it because the alcohol can really shoot right up your head and give you kind of a brain shock.

So from all this I can safely say by Thursday when I bottle the contents I can safely say it should be on track. Hopefully the color will be a nice lemon yellow because so far it seems to be still clear to a light tinge of yellow.

Here’s hoping.

Photo will be added..


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