Taiwanese Jelly Dessert

I had this with my friend Poh Leng last Saturday at Yippee Cup.  After downing 2 large cups of Bubble Tea, this was so refreshing and yet so easy to make.  Did not have much to talk about Yippee Cup but I thought this recipe could come in handy when you have that last bit of plain jelly in the fridge. You could even make Konnyaku Jelly exactly like on the package and make this wonderful refreshing dessert.  We did not eat anything by the way, it was just meant to be a two hour chat session, but we chatted for four hours.

I do not know if this dessert originates from Taiwan but this is what Yippee Cup called it.

You will need Black Pearls though which you can find in some cake shops or supermarkets.  The Jelly used should be soft, and not too hard as you will not be able to scoop it out. of the bowl.

I am all for refreshing cold desserts in our shockingly hot weather some times. So this really hits the button. So here is the recipe.

Jelly                              about a bowl full – to be scooped

Black Pearls                 about a tablespoon – I like more so I will have about 2 tablespoons

Crushed Ice                  about 1 bowl full

Calamansi Lime           2 or more depending on taste

To Assemble:

In a bowl, place a few scoops of jelly then layer with ice and then jelly again. Try to end with jelly.  Then squeeze limes and spoon Black Pearls over it.  Serve immediately with more limes. I would add some mint leaves too so that it will be extra refreshing.


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