German Bierhaus – Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13

So Sunday was a day of food, because right after our “Drinks” at Georgetown White Coffee, Chia Chen and I went to German Bierhaus which is sometimes known as Bavarian Bierhaus.  This restaurant is around 2 months old and I must say it is a lot better concept then the old restaurant before this.

I pass this every single day without fail when I am going home from the gym so the occasional glances on the tables of the patrons outside has tickled my fancy over the last two months so I thought ok why not?  However I have to add I was already not very hungry as the first session at the Kopitiam was barely a few minutes old, so this could be a slightly different kind of review from a less hungry person.  It does make a difference you know.

So there we were, sitting in booth seats, rather large booth seats I might add.  With the current world cup craze it was still in festive frenzy as I know each night the outside AL Fresco section of German Bierhaus can be quite full with a mixture of Malaysians and European patrons.

We decided on something lighter today since Dan did not want to stay so Chia Chen and I opted for a Salad and  Sausage Platter.  We will be coming again once Chia Chen comes back from London this week or next week so do look out for another review.  Enough said, we chose our drinks, I had Cranberry Fizz which is always a favorite of mine because it has a tart refreshing taste and Chia Chen had a Pineapple Sunshine.

I have to say though, there were so many wait staff but not one came to ask us if we needed help or to advice us on what we would like.  This is again bad training on the part of the owner and the manager.  The menu did not have many photos, and what I liked was not photographed in the menu but elsewhere outside the restaurant, so it was difficult to know what I really wanted. There was no upselling, waiters were there to wait tables and that’s all.  I figure, the menu was big enough and still has a lot of space for more photos.  Making your menu user friendly ensures better sales, because we like to know what we are eating and sometimes photos can cause impulse buying which is a good thing for cafes and restaurants today.

While I do admit I could have called out to someone, but I think wait staff should learn to look at body language and gauge our needs for assistance.  You know we could have actually ordered more stuff if someone came and said something and talked about the food. But alas, no one came.

One group of people actually came in, sat down and left after five minutes.  I believe something should be done as patrons walking out of a restaurant is rather shameful.

We chose Bierhaus Salad which had duck breast and an assortment of lettuce and blue cheese and a Cold Cut Platter that came with breads.

Drinks came, swizzled with swizzle stick and I saw Chia Chen’s face change.  Swizzle mine, same reaction.  We tasted each others drink and somehow, maybe its personal taste, Chia Chen’s Pineapple Sunshine tasted like it was off.  Somehow the combination of soda water and pineapple juice just did not gel for the both of us.  As for my Cranberry Fizz, after years and years of drinking it at other outlets, this one too was somehow not particularly nice and refreshing as it should be. It was neither tart or sweet. Once again the use of cranberry juice somehow changed it.  It’s the case of mixing juice with water with gas, sometimes it is better to use a syrup instead of juice because flavored water plus gassy water somehow does not do the trick at all.  Well it didn’t for the both of us.

Salad came next.  Photo wise, somehow I took ten photos and it just did not come out right.  For one, it looked like a Gado Gado. I certainly did not know Germans had crushed peanuts on the salad, and not a small amount I might add, it looked like our salad was smothered in Peanut Sauce.

Not a very nice photo

Flavorwise, I must say it was nice to have the occasional bits of blue cheese, it was just the right amount too, and how they got it that tiny was beyond me.  There were four or five slivers of Duck Breast, and this gave the salad that some thing extra. The tang from the strips of Green Apple and the onions was a nice change too.  Since Chia Chen did not like onions, so I had the lot.  All in all it was nice. Certainly we would try something else next time, but it was a nice combination, although I feel they could have used other nuts instead of peanuts.  I am not one for too much salad dressing, because when I order a salad I usually have the dressing separate.  I may try that next time.

The Cold Cut Platter arrived with a plateful of bread.  It did look quite heavy for a cold cut platter.  It consisted of Mortadella, Pharma Ham, a Pepperoni like ham and one more which I forgot.  It came with a rather tasty chutney which Chia Chen was not too keen on so I finished it spreading it on my bread and then on the meat.

I liked the bread although it came a little early so it was not warm by the time we ate it.  It was basic breads like Croissant, Pretzel, Baguette and Mild Focaccia I think.  There was a little too much bread I think for such a small plate.  I am not complaining because I am a bread person, but somehow I think the bread in a basket would have kept it a little bit more warmer for a longer time.

All in all presentation wise I guess it was nicely done, just a tiny toss of salad, and since we were not that hungry, it suited us fine.  I will try bigger platters next time.   I have to not though, I really did not like the Pepperoni as it was awfully fatty and had a very piggy taste to it, it was a put off for me.

As the restaurant was not that crowded, we had waiters at our faces all the time. This should have happened earlier before we ordered our food.

It was comfortable, we sat there a few hours talking away.  As I said we will be back again, to eat more food of course.  The bill tonight was RM92.95.  I feel it is not too bad although they could do something with the drinks.  Using syrup is more cost effective because juices tend to go rancid after a while.

Do try this place, I think it is something Petaling Jaya needs to give it a more cosmo feel.  We have too many kopitiams all over the place, so something European like this other then Italian is welcoming.

Funnily, sitting in a German Restaurant, a listening to Spanish music still baffles me.


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