3A Restaurant Yong Tau Foo and Cheong Fun – PJ Section 19

It was one of those days, I had nothing to do, did my work and was free after 11 am on a Monday so there I was online and I saw Ian on too. We talked for a while and then decided to go out for lunch.  He was not well, had an upset stomach and wanted to have soup.  We were to go to SS2 Okay Restaurant at Chow Yang for Lui Cha, but when we got there… it was closed.  I was quite wanting to have something soupy as well so I was quite disappointed.

We drove around wondering where and what we wanted to eat and suddenly just as we were at the Rothmans Roundabout, I saw my Yong Tau Foo place and suggested it so we did a round around the roundabout (Now doesn’t that sound like a tongue twister?)

So there we were and found a park almost as soon as we got there even though it was lunch time. Now when we got in the restaurant was full and Ian and me were made to sit on a table for 8. It was quite embarrassing sitting in the middle of the restaurant on such a big table. All eyes were on us. But the embarrassment ceased once we placed our orders, because we got a smaller table.

I like this place because for one it’s a place I can take my Muslim friends to, and the Yong Tau Foo is pretty authentic, although in the first place I never thought there was pork in Yong Tau Foo. But still it is a halal place so it’s nice to see all races seated and eating something so authentically Chinese.  The food is not overly oily and is light. It just depends what you pick, so what you pick is how you will feel in the end.

As we were both not so hungry, we just ordered Fu Chook, Chee Cheong Fun, and the other stuffed vegetables.

Everything is homemade so it is rather authentic in its own right.  The Fu Chook has just the right amount of Fish Paste and was fried crispy.  I would have preferred it dunked into the soup a la Lok Lok, but it was not too bad.

Oily though! But we ate everything. It was crunchy but needed sauce to go with it as the crispy  Fu Pei could cause you to cough or choke.

The Cheong Fun was just right. Although I know better Chee Cheing Fun, but this one was just right for the moment. I liked this tiny bits of fried anchovies, it gave it a bit of crunchiness and a slight saltiness when you chewed on it. And the Tim Cheong was tasty too, because I actually poured some in a saucer and used my chopstick and licked it up.

I did not like the Bitter Gourd one though, the bitterness was still there. Bitter Gourd has always been Punishment food for me.  I thought the fact that they cut the Bitter Gourd into two was a good thing because it made it easier to pick up and eat. Usually you’d have to bite it twice and the Yue Peang would plop right out back into the soup and make a mess.

There is nothing much to say about the food because it was just light and easy and we ended up sitting in the restaurant and was the last people to leave that afternoon.  They do sell a lot of other food as well besides their specialties. But since this is a Yong Tau Foo place I tend to stick to just that. Try it out. Its always crowded during lunch and dinner.  I liked everything I selected so I cannot really grumble to day.

By the way I think I missed out the first part of the Restaurant Name… I am quite clever sometimes.  Oh! Yes, the bill…. all of RM19.95.  Good right?


3 responses to “3A Restaurant Yong Tau Foo and Cheong Fun – PJ Section 19

  1. Where is it located exactly?
    I’m from North Sumatra.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Liss,
      Sorry for the late reply. The address is Jalan 19/3 Petaling Jaya. If you go by taxi tell the taxi driver its near the Rothmans Roundabout and kind of opposite Lisa de Inn. Happy Eating. I do like the place, was there on Thursday.

  2. good morning..
    is this HALAL restaurant?
    Please let me know before this evening.
    thanks & best regard 🙂

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