A Saturday of Dim Sum and Durians – Hong Kee Dim Sum – Section 19 (Rothmans Roundabout) and Durian Seller along SS2.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I just finished my Tiramisu Class seven wonderful ladies whose wicked sense of humor could keep you in stitches for hours.  So to end a wonderful class I felt like eating something savory. I did toy on the idea of going for Yong Tau Foo with the parents so I called them to pick me up and 5 minutes later I was in the car. Such effectiveness food has on my family!

Dad parked the car by the side of the road, illegally of course, and we walked to the shops and suddenly I spotted Hong Kee Dim Sum. So we stood there wondering where we should go and since none of us had been to Hong Kee before so we walked in that direction.

Hong Kee Dim Sum has been around since 2008 and many a time we have wanted to go there but somehow due to lack of parks and the fact that one can easily whiz pass it is difficult.  So we sat down and I must say it was a rather large restaurant and there was only one other table besides us.  Now again I must say I did have much apprehension when I noticed the “tablecloth” was large pink plastic bags of some sort tied around the table. I don’t know why I did not take photos of it , but I thought it would be rather impolite.

Our Myanmar wait staff soon came with a tray of Char Siew and Sui Yoke, So we picked what we wanted and he took it away to make it hot.  Then the Dim Sum Trays came so we chose what we wanted and they took it back to steam it. That was pretty good I thought although menus would be good since none of us could make out what out wait staff was saying.  They spoke Cantonese differently, they spoke English strangely and don’t ask how they sounded speaking Malay. They were friendly and smiled a lot though.

Now since there was no menu and our Wait Staff could not tell us what anything was besides this was prawn, and this was meat, so I can only describe the photos.

The first was a rather nice prawn wrapped in stomach lining and then wrapped again in Spring Roll Skin and deep fried.  I thought that was rather nice, and the prawns were quite big so it was crunchy yet succulent.  They gave us a dollop of Mayonnaise which no one touched, because it was just plain mayo and nothing more.  I think more could be done to this Dim Sum to make it more interesting to look at because it was something different to me.  It’s good how many chefs today have taken common dim sum and made it teir own signature designs and flavors.

The next was the glutinous friend rice which was packed with a lot of ingredients like lup cheong,  mushrooms, dried prawns, bits of pork,  and egg. I was nice I must say, even if I seldom eat rice I did make an effort to eat this dish.  It was unlike Loh Mai Kai, this one packed it in.  I believe it could have been a little bit more healthier if there was more vegetables added to it.  Otherwise, I would rate this as nice.

The next dim sum was another prawn one this time it was wrapped in Fu Pei.  Rather simple and easy I felt, and the Fu Pei was so crispy that it could choke you if you were not careful. What this lacked was its on distinct sauce.

The duck and char siew combination was rather disappointing.  The Duck was too thinly cut for my liking and the char siew was just pieces and pieces of fat with very little meat.  I think this is the first time my parents actually did not take much of the meat.  I do not know why there was so much of fat on the char siew, and it hidden in the thick sauce was a horrible thing because you picked it up now knowing what you were going to bite on.

The Siu Yoke was limp. Lifeless pieces of meat lay on the plate, and it tasted just as limp and lifeless as it looked.  For some reason there were traces of coloring on it that I could not understand as roast pork is never artificially colored unlike char siew.  Perhaps a slightly spiced up sauce should have been part of it to give this rather limp dish a bit of kick.

The Har Gau with scallop was something different.  It was pretty to start with and so that somehow gave it more points with the flavor as well.  It was a fresh nice size prawn encased in the right about of Skin and topped with the right sized Scallop.  Nice!

The Shiu Mai was next, pretty in the photo I might add, taste wise, I thought it was too fatty for my liking.  The whiteness of the meat explains the amount of fat in it.  I even had to eat it with the sauce because of the porky fatty taste.  The sauce by the way unlike most cheap places that use the Kampung Koh chilly sauce, Hong Kee used something else. It was not very nice.

Next dim sum was the fui pei wrapped steamed fish paste.  This went well with the sauce, no complains. The fish paste at Hong Kee’s is pure and you cannot go wrong with this one.

The next two were also different variation of Shiu Mai, namely the Spinach skin and the Shiu Mai topped with Century Egg.  Again the Shiu Mai was just as I had explained earlier.  I guess having eaten at better places has made me fussy or more discerning.

All in all, the price was a mere RM44 so who can grumble about quality and ambiance.  I am not sure if Hong Kee Tim Sum sells other foods because our waitress could not tell us.  They did smile a lot and was polite so that made up for it.  They even lined up in a straight line when we were leaving… I guess it was because we were the last customers that afternoon.

As we were driving away, mum suddenly decided she wanted to have durians since we did not have any dessert so we drove into SS2 and turned at Eng Seng Hin  and next thing you know Dad stops the car and mum and I are crossing this rather big road. Now I am not good at crossing big roads. So shamelessly mum had to hold my hand!

We got to the only Durian Stall there you cannot miss it and there was an Indonesian couple with their son picking durians, and the poor lady had eucalyptus stick up her nose as she could not stand the smell.  She even spoke to us and then suddenly her voice went funny and she wanted to throw up.  It was so funny yet her husband and son carried on like it was no big deal.  So off they went with their durians all packed into two see trough containers and it was not very full as it was only 4 durians and she paid him RM200.  Those durians were to be part of dinner in Jakarta that night.

I have never bought Durians in my life. So today was a big day for me, because I had to pay for it as well.  So we chose two Musang King Durians, and the man cut it and packed it for us, two durians a whopping RM65.  Mum swears by this durian seller.

I watched him choose the fruit, and effortlessly cut it open and pour the contents into the container.  Musang King Durians are expensive because of its scarcity. The seller told us China exports 5 tons of Musang King Durians a day!

My verdict, It was excellent, and I am not too keen on durians, but you get me a Musang King, I’ll eat it. I even planted the seed, mind you there was hardly any seed as well.

Who knows eh? 


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