Bread and Scone Class

I had a Bread and Scone Class a few weeks ago and I had three happy, tough ladies who worked with a lot of zest and power and after all their hard work, we had really nice breads to sample and they took home some too.  I like to give my students a freehand on what they want to do, because at times in the chaos of telling everyone what to do I can also forget certain things and to me the result when one is able to explore their own creativity is truly something else.

May and Jenny Mixing Dough

A Dainty Jessica

My three ladies for the class was Jenny, Jessica and May who is my regular.  May has been to many of my classes and so she knows how I do things and so like all the rest she knows she has to work in the class. It was a fully hands on class, so everyone worked from start to end.

We made Olive and Sun Dried Tomato Bread, Poppy and Melon Seed Bread And Scones.  So after all the hard work of kneading and forming dough, everyone say down and had the different breads with butter and like proper English ladies, they had Hot Scones with butter and my Rose Petal Jam.  I was too lazy to beat the cream that afternoon.

We made the Poppy and Melon Seed Bread into different designs and it ended up being very pretty.

Very photogenic breads indeed.

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