Gin Ger – 1st Floor Central Market (Pasar Seni) Kuala Lumpur

Today I went to buy some gifts for my friends kids in Australia and ended up in Central Market, somewhere I have not been since my friend Sandi was here last.  It has changed I must say, looks neater and move inviting.

Brian and I walked around window shopping wondering what I should get for another friend and while doing all that we were also looking for a place to eat. I felt peckish once again, just picky picky food so we walked up the stairs and ended up at the Food Court but somehow everything looked rather bulky and unappetizing to two people who were not that hungry.

So then we walked out and went into Gin Ger.  This restaurant has been around for some time because I have eaten there a few years ago, nothing much has changed although they are doing some renovations so in we walked and sat down and almost straight away we were greeted by our rather polite wait staff.  Gin Ger is suppose to be  Thai Restaurant, but somehow now it has become a South East Asian Restaurant featuring foods from this part of Asia.

We chose our drinks and Brian had a Lime Juice and I saw Calamanzi Juice. I know Calamansi is a kind of lime as well so I wondered what the difference was, so that was the reason I ordered it.  So while our drinks were coming we picked our foods and it was the medium starter plate and Brian wanted and Ice Kacang.

So drinks came and while Brian’s was Lime Juice alright, mine was something else. I wondered why it was such a hideous green color, and realized Calamanzi was actually preserved tamarind fruit and its powder made into a drink. While I am ok with it but why the strange name?  I am sure I am not the first person to have picked it and realized it was something else. Anyhow, it was a trifle too sweet and not cold so I asked for ice and was politely given a bowl of ice.

We were asked if we wanted our Ice Kacang – A dessert, to be served with our food, so  since we were not fussed up about anything so we said ok. So in three minutes our Ice Kacang came.  Now I did expect something high, but Gin Ger’s version comes in a rather broad bowl.  It was a myriad of colored jellies, and tinned sweet corn, red beans and Crushed Peanut Brittle on top.  That was something different for me of course.

Somehow first mouthful, we know now the sudden increase of sugar in this country has affected the sweetness of many desserts.  The Ice Kacang lacked something we thought and after a while we realized it was the sweetness.  The jellies did not have sweetness, and so most of the sweetness came from the peanut brittle.  It was pleasant so we finished it.

Then our Platter of Starters came.  It was rather pretty with lots of colors and it consisted of Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls, Top Hats, Thai Fish Cake and Corn Fritters.   The good thing is, we had three dipping sauces. And it was all totally different so you could mix and match.  I did think the Thai Fish Cake lacked a fishy taste because it was rather hard and not flavored as much as I am used to making it or tasting it in other places.  There was no lemon grass taste as well.

The top hats were nice, crispy and daintily presented in Chinese Tea Cups so they stood up very nicely. It was actually quite packed with ingredients.

The Vietnamese Spring Rolls, were different from what I have tasted before.  The skin was thick and I think perhaps more ingredients should have been added to make it more wholesome.  It was nice and it even had a prawn in it.  There was too much skin for my liking.  The sauce for the spring roll was a little too hot for me but it was bearable.  The Corn Fritters were very nice.  I liked the burst of flavor when you took a mouthful and I had it all without any sauce. Gin Ger was not stingy with their corn as well.   It was nice and light and I enjoyed this meal very much.

The Bill was RM57, so it was not too bad and we were not left feeling heavy and lousy.  I do recommend in Gin Ger.  They have a lot of different foods on their quite extensive menu.  I have had a few things before and I was quite pleased.


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