Caffe Duomo – The Block Arcade – 282 Collins Street, Melbourne

Melbourne Day One was an adventure for Dan and Me. For one I had to play tour guide in a city that I barely knew although I heard enough of It. In fact Dan k new more places then me thanks to his checking up on things and the wonderment of GPS.

We had a wonderful breakfast at Gianni’s. We were so famished that no one thought of taking photos that moment, so I promise I will go again just so you know about this wonderful place called Gianni’s.

So around 11ish, we were walking around Collin Street and we even found a Selangor Pewter, and so we went to check out the place and even questioned the poor girl about her knowledge on Pewter. She was rather good with her answers and then we walked on chanced upon Block Arcade.  Dan was quite awed by the architecture and the oldness of the building and I have to say it was very well restored.  And then…. We chanced upon all their eateries and cafes, and it was so clever how the Melbourne council has used up backlanes to create cafes and restaurants. This is something they have been doing over the last 10 years or so and no we were standing in front of one of their clever utilization of space within the city.  It was not only the Asians that were clicking away, even the Melbournites and probably other Australians were clicking away.

That day, I think it was the slight gloominess of the weather, that brought a lot of people together in the middle of a working day. Caffe Duomo was where we found lots of people that day.  We found a table right at the top of the whole block of cafes and restaurants and so that gave me a birds eye view of the whole back lane. It was just bustling.

Now our rather pretty wait staff came to take our order and while we were not really hungry, but she managed to sell us cookies and tea.  And her choices of cookies were spot on.  Now this article today is not so much about the food we ate but just enthusiastic staff who work and sell with passion. It really makes a difference to ones meal experience. She did not sell us something we did not want but she managed to sell something to us that actually tasted nice.  We even took a photo of her. 

We ordered green tea and chamomile tea.  We should have ordered coffee but I guess at times some of us are more in a tea mood.  And then she recommended Yo Yos and a Raisin Muesli Cookie.  I did have my reservations about the Muesli Cookie, but it was just fantastic.  Both cookies made our day.  We sat there and absorbed the Melbourne Cage Culture that day.  And in the end we even ordered more cookies. A Pastry with Jam and a Chocolate Chip Cookie .  What made it special was her enthusiasm and bubbliness that made our siomple little tea so special. 

Soon it was lunch and the boy staffs pulled out the menu of the day and presented it to the customers.  I thought the way he explained it was really good and appetizing. Sadly we did not stay for lunch because we found another place. Photos later!


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