Hopetoun Tea Rooms – 282 Block Arcade, Collin Street, Melbourne

After we finished Caffe Duomo that day we walked through Block Arcade  and chanced upon a really picturesque Tea Room that was filled with ladies. I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life, I swear. These photos do no even do justice to what we saw that day.

Hopetoun Ladies Tearoom was set up in 1891 and was purchased at a price of 18 pounds by the Victorian Ladies Work Association. I am sure in those days neatly dressed ladies of leisure would frequent this tea room, dressed in white frocks with very pretty hats. This is place where proper ladies practiced etiquette and they had their convivial chatter.

Sadly we did not go in but as the cakes were laid out Melbournites alike stood in awe.  It was simply breathtaking to see these beautiful desserts. I will make it a point to go there when I am there again in August.


2 responses to “Hopetoun Tea Rooms – 282 Block Arcade, Collin Street, Melbourne

  1. I am thinking of taking my g/friend to the Hopetoun Tea Rooms – as she loves tea – I was wondering if us younger folk – would fit in? I have heard so much about this place – I just – want to make sure – should make a visit – before I reserve a table – what do you think>?

    • Hello Jaime,
      Hopetoun Tea Rooms is opened to everyone, I did not make it back there again because it rained horrible the last few days I was there. Do try it and do tell me what I missed. Thanks

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