Doing the Tim Tam Thing!

We all love Tim Tams, and years ago I was taught to do the Tim Tam Thing with milk, but now I have graduated to doing the Tim Tam Thing with various kinds of alcohol. So yesterday we did the Tim Tam Thing with Sandi and Dan.  My Models were ever so willing to do a few shots, the more the merrier it seemed.  This has to be done in an air conditioned place or in winter. 

Step 1:

Bite two sides of the Tim Tams shown.  Do not take a big bite. Yes I know it is irresistible but do control yourself.  Our Model Dan, carefully biting both ends and showing us exactly how much he has bitten off.  This biting bit could change after a few Tim Tams are consumed in this manner.

Step 2:

Now dip it into your desired liquor or liqueur or port, we used O’Reillys Silky Oak and Yahoo Creek Fine Old Tawnee.  One can use Baileys Irish Cream and Kahlua and even Bourbon.  The choice is yours.  As you dip the Tim Tam into the Liqueur, you suck the Alcohol in through the other side. Because Tim Tams are coated in Chocolate so it is almost air tight and so the alcohol will just go through and soak the Tima Tam as well as giving you your hit. 

Lift the glass or leave it on the table as you suck!

Do this in one breath and you have to be quick. 

Step 3:

Quickly consume the Tim Tam as it is soggy and you will understand what I mean by the Truly Divine Alcoholicly Divine Tim Tam.

Step 4:

Repeat till you finish off the packet of Tim Tams. We found it was better to use Original Tim Tams and Double Coasted Tim Tams. The White Chocolate Tim tams would have been better with Baileys Irish Cream.


One response to “Doing the Tim Tam Thing!

  1. OMG! Tim Tams on its own is already irresistable, now you have thrown another delightful factor into the equation. Finish la!
    Nicholas, is there a difference between MAlaysian Tim Tams and Aussie ones? I think there is but it’s been ages since I’ve had the pleasure but somehow I remember the latter was far superior.

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