ZA ZA Kebabs – Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise , Queensland

I have always like Kebabs and when I find Kebabs in Malaysia, it is always a disappointment because they do not know what they are doing and often I have felt cheated.  So for that I have not touched the stuff for years. I have always been used to good old Australian Kebabs where they never stinge on ingredients especially the extras.  So I was in Surfers with Dan and suddenly I chanced upon Za Za Kebabs.  As this was not the usual place I ate Kebabs I was a bit apprehensive but I was hopeful when I saw the pile of ingredients. 

So we ordered one Kebab as we wanted to eat other stuff.  We ordered the lamb Kebab.  And as Dan saw the fella putting the ingredients he quietly enquired if I accidentally ordered two Kebabs instead of one.  We he actually asked me why I ordered two kebabs when he said only order one.

Then when the Kebab guy started sawing the meat Lamb from the Kebab heater, he was just flabbergasted.  “So much meat!??”

He was shocked with the size of the kebab because for some reason Malaysian Kebabs tend to be mini!  Size matters when you are eating a good kebab and looking at how our Kebab was assembled, it was really something our Kebab stands in Malaysia should learn.

And the taste was rather good even though I forgot to request for Sour Cream. And pineapple. 

The price AUD8.90, the taste was wholesome and good.  I wish Dan bought his own!


One response to “ZA ZA Kebabs – Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise , Queensland

  1. these guys r AWSUM! ;P

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