Gianni’s – 466 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia (03) 9600 0603

On our first day in Melbourne, my best Gal Cass was raving about Gianni’s where she always had her coffee and sometimes sandwich and even lunch.

So our very first and very last breakfast  in Melbourne was at Gianni’s.  This review only covers the last breakfast we had there because I totally forgot to take my camera out and take photographs.  Got too hungry and just gobbled up the food.

The service at Gianni’s is simply wonderful, the ladies who work there know everyone by name and even if they did not customers were greeted warmly and loudly.  It was just the way they communicated with their customers that made the whole Gianni’s experience a memorable one.  These were people who worked there and were not necessarily the owners and yet Gianni’s was theirs.  This kind of feeling is never found here in our country for some reason. Even Dan and I were known there because Cass mentioned us, and as soon as we entered, they all screamed out to say welcome.  Funnily enough, the people who come into Gianni’s are workmen who work on the streets to lawyers who sit there in the morning discussing their cases.  This is me eavesdropping.  So it all boils down to the fact that because there is no social barrier, anyone and everyone can enjoy good food at any place.  Funny this can never happen in our country.

So on our last day, Cass left us there and so I ordered a Roasted Vegetable  with a slice of Feta Cheese ( A big slice I might add) Sandwich on Focaccia and Dan who was not hungry ordered a Big Breakfast.  Now I was quite curious to taste a Roasted Vegetable Sandwich because frankly I have never had one before.  So when our food came, it was just simply awesome taking that first bite of my sandwich. The flavors of the different roasted vegetables bursting out with the melted Feta cheese was simply indescribable. In fact Dan who ordered his Big Breakfast ate quite a bit of my sandwiches as well.  The roasted vegetables gave out a taste that while still a little crunchy but a nice roasted after taste, coupled with the melting feta, it was really a taste I could not describe. Personally I could have had another sandwich because it was that nice and the fact that Dan ate some of mine as well.

So far Dan and I have come to the conclusion, in Australia, you pay for things but you get good stuff. He had a big plate of brekkie consisting of two toasted tomatoes, two slices of toast, pieces and pieces of Bacon, Sausages, and two sunny side up eggs.

I recommend Gianni’s Luncheons to anyone who goes to Melbourne. I went there twice and it was really good and I got my money’s worth.  Service is impeccable, the variety of foods is really good, salads in the morning is something else and they do not have one or two types but a good variety.  The coffees are excellent as well I am told by Cass.  I will surely go to Gianni’s again.

It would be a dream come true if I ever opened up something like Gianni’s in the future. A place where everyone knows everyone and we all come over for good value and quality grub.  I have never ever thought of opening my own place till I stepped into Gianni’s. Why?  Because it gave me hope that places like this can still exists in a very busy city.   Some day eh!

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