Hachi – Level1/1136 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

It was a horrible day on the Gold Coast as it rained non stop from the night before. We woke up to the loud pitter patter of rain and it rained so much that the billabongs in Vera’s yard (a very large yard) was to its brim. It was no fun because we could not go out and pluck oranges and mandarins for juicing  as it was just too wet.  It was so wet we had to cancel our trip to Movie World that day.

So after our activity at the kindergarten Ana, Tomislav and Maia go to, Vera hurried us and took us for lunch before driving up to Springfield Lakes.  So she suggested Hachi, which was up the road and through the rain we found a park and entered this rather out of the way Japanese Restaurant which seemed to have a good following of the locals who were all there waiting and ordering their food.

We went through the menu and so we placed our orders, one thing that caught my eye was Agedashi Cheese.  We had no clue what it would taste like now how it would look, so that was the good part of it all.

I ordered a salad, Dan ordered a Salmon and Vera ordered Ginger Pork.  The restaurant was filling up something I thought was rather strange as it was a working day and mainly it was locals having Japanese on a rather cold late morning.

Miso soup came, and I never touch Miso Soup as it gives me cold sweat.

So Agedashi Cheese comes and we were quite shocked to see how it was served. Unlike Agedashi Tofu which is usually half immersed into the soy bonito soup, this was like a soup.  We were all a bit apprehensive about the taste but a mouthful of it told us otherwise. It was nice. It was a strange kind of nice, because the fried cheese actually blended well with the soup. It had a nice balance of salt and sweet and the creamy tang the mozzarella cheese had.  I guess the way it was served was left to be desired, but it was certainly something I would try again.

Vera’s Ginger Pork was nice, rather gingerly but nice on a cold rainy day. It had to be eaten with rice, and since it was part of the set, it came with the works.  I would not say it was the finest Japanese Food, but it was more so in the comfort food category.  Something that may not look so nice but still can hit the right taste buds.  That was how I would describe the Ginger Pork.

As for Dan’s fish, it tasted nice, obviously it was frozen salmon so of course the taste not the best, but with the sauce, and the accompaniments it had a nice taste to it.  I am biased here because I do not really like fish especially the frozen kind. For the price we paid in the end, it was not too bad, all our food was under AUD50.

As for my salad, I must say it was the best.  It was light, it had a nice tangy taste to it and the combination of the dressing and leaves made it finger licking good.  No complaints at all.  I could have had another bowlful actually.  The amount of dressing was just enough and did not overpower the whole dish, and while the acidity of it was there, the vegetables still maintained its freshness.   Ok maybe I ate it fast J

So if you’re on the Gold Coast, out near Palm Beach, and you come across this unassuming restaurant, just walk in.  You’ll be surprised. I wish sometimes we had some small Japanese places like this in KL, a place that has no pretense and serves good Japanese Grub.

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