The Best Vanilla Slice in Town. – Flesser’s Bakery – Christie St, Canungra QLD 4275

I have been to Canungra a fair few times in my years in Australia but I never

The Five Glorious Slices

even noticed Flessers in their tiny little town.  In fact you can just end up passing right through the little country town, but if you hang around a little, you’ll find gems like I did when Sandi took Dan and I along with the kids there. It was a long drive, almost two hours if I count right and I was tired.  Well actually Sandi said they were the best she’d ever tasted and they even drove occasionally to get some although it was a really long drive from where they were.

We got out of the car and instantly walked into the bakery. It was a typical small country bakery and Sandi marched towards its best seller and ordered away. We ordered three and when Dan tasted it, he ordered five.

It was a pity I did not take photos of the shop, I was tired and forgot, and just wanted to get something to eat and drink.

What is a Vanilla Slice?  Vanilla Slice is similar to a French Mille Feuille, but in Australia and in the United Kingdom, it does not have as many layers and different fillings.  In Australia, a Vanilla Slice is two layers of Puff Pastry sandwiched with a creamy custard, and dusted with icing or sometimes with a Glace Icing and combed with melted chocolate.  Sounds quite boring but not Flesser’s.

I am so so with Vanilla slice, Flesser’s was really out of this world.  It had the most tastiest Crème Patissiere  and not yucky gooey custard and it was not topped with a normal glace. It was also not sickeningly sweet. I felt Flesser’s topped their Vanilla Slice with a thin layer of fondant and , then drizzled chocolate all over it. Simple yet decadent.  It was a mouthful of sheer indulgence.  Although I was sick, I did enjoy this thoroughly.

Flesser’s sell excellent meat pies and breads, sticky breads and buns and little cakes and even ginger bread.  Again I wish I took photos of it.

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you are ever in the vicinity do make a beeline to Flesser’s.  It may be far out, but it has become quite an institution.  They have such lovely staff too, happy and sweet and passionate about their Vanilla Slice.

I will do a class on Vanilla Slice real soon.

2 responses to “The Best Vanilla Slice in Town. – Flesser’s Bakery – Christie St, Canungra QLD 4275

  1. Drool.Anywhere to get it here in KL?

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