Decadent Chunky Orangey Chocolate Muffins

Rich Chocolate Muffins all Boxed up and ready to go

Today we had to attend a funeral of my students my father in law, so I thought I’d take something for the wake. I pondered a while and since it was going to be an afternoon affair, I really could not be bothered lugging hot mee hoon or other foods, so after digging around my digging around my fridge, I thought I’d try a recipe of muffins using my hardened chocolate ganache from my class yesterday, and believe me I had quite a bit from other classes as well.

So I decided instead of normal chocolate chips, why not make it super chunky chocolate pieces.

So I chopped up all the hardened chocolate ganache and placed it in the freezer.

I weighed out the flour, 3 cups, 8 tablespoons of cocoa powder, then I remembered the oranges in the fridge, so I used the skin of three oranges, 1 cup of brown sugar, I ran out of milk so I used 2 cups of cream plus 1 cup of water, and I added in 2 cups of oil because I ran out of butter after yesterdays class, and 2 eggs.

add the oil

Mix all the dried ingredients, then add in the wet stuff.

Add the Cream

I mixed everything together and then added in the frozen chocolate chunks.  Cupped all the muffin batter, got exactly 30 cups and baked it at 180 C.

The result was a rather photogenic muffins with chunky chocolate pieces and speckles of orange peel.  I had a tablespoon full, because my brother ate two of it as soon as it came out of the oven.

Well hopefully these rather Happy Muffins will take away some sadness today.  Sometimes when someone passes on let’s remember they are in a better place and let’s make a sad moment into one with smiles.

all cupped and ready to be baked


2 responses to “Decadent Chunky Orangey Chocolate Muffins

  1. dear mr. Pillai,
    You are an amazing teacher and you are very generous with your recipe,i have learn the right way to make cookies n cup cakes from. Thank you very much.

    • Dear Alexis,
      Class would not have been class if you and Kuldip were not around. as for the recipes. I am giving because I don’t want anyone to mess things up and call me at odd hour of the night :)… it has happened a few times. Thanks.

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