Introducing Mama’s Pizza – Fiji’s very own home grown pizza.

It was a Wednesday night and since I was not in the best of health and was quite lazy to do anything else as we had quite an eventful day with Dan’s Sky Diving and then we went to this horrible horrible Kebab Place near the hotel, a name that I just cannot seem to remember but trust me its not worth remembering as the Kebab’s were lousy.  Later I found out it was owned by a Malaysian.  So there you go!

As Angela had a heavy day and we were not too keen to go out to eat again, Angela brought home Pizza.  Fiji’s own Mama’s Pizza.  I had seen Mama’s Pizza in a few places as we were driving around Nadi (Pronounced Nandi).

Now let me be straight with everyone here, I AM NOT  FAN OF PIZZA!

I may eat a tiny bit if it is a Pizza Margherita but I would scarcely touch normal pizza from the Pizza places around. I would eat a little from Italian restaurants but with moderation.

So when Angela walked in the door after her Parents Teacher Meeting at Meretalai’s school, I notice it was a very large box she was carrying.  The size I had not seen for a long long time not even in most of the Aussie Pizza places I have eaten at.

So she opened it and announced it was a Meat Lovers Pizza and half was Hawaiian and the other half was Ground Beef, Ham, Pepperoni & savory sausage with BBQ Sauce. I was quite shocked that they did not stinge on ingredients as food ingredients especially importer food ingredients is expensive.

I was curious, so I took a piece and after 5 pieces later I had to declare it was a very nice family made pizza.  None of those pretentious nonsense we get with mozzarella cheese folded into the pizza bread and triple and double crust nonsense. It was filled to the brim with meat, and not stingily too. The ration of meat and pizza bread was perfect unlike the ones we get in other places where more dough means we’re filled up faster.  I must confess though, when Angela and I were in school, we actually used to fight for the crust!

Mama’s Pizza is a Pizzeria Café, so you can dine in, take away and even get it delivered.

Malaysia should start a home grown pizza place with no pretense and fluff. Mama’s Pizza has stood up to giants like Pizza Hut in Fiji, and with what we ate, I reckon Pizza Hut would have a good fight.

Mama’s Pizza opened 26 years ago, by a single mum who needed the cash back then for her kids and the rest is history.  A success story, and a lot of success to come.  I am stressing this to Malaysians simply because we are so blinded by American Pizza and even Canadian, and look what this local woman did 26 years ago which was probably the same time we started getting into Pizzas. This should be made an example to young entrepreneurs out there.

Anything is possible, you dish out good food, even the giants cannot fight you.  And in the case of Mama’s Pizza, I believe the giants won’t be able to.

By the way I forgot to mention the pizza  was 45 cm across.  We were all “pizzaed” out, we gave some to the teachers at the school later on.  I would have loved to have gotten my hands on Mama’s Pizza’s Menu and actually dined there to feel the ambiance and just smell the whole restaurant.

Read their history at their website.

And to Robin Ragg the original Mama of Mama’s Pizza… You Go Girl!!!!!!


3 responses to “Introducing Mama’s Pizza – Fiji’s very own home grown pizza.

  1. I really enjoyed the post but you picked up the wrong mama’s pizza website. We are currently helping Mama’s with their website and hopefully we will go live with. Our staging site for mama’s has been picked up. Never the less i enjoyed the post.

    P.S …..Absolutely love the Pizza…

  2. I Amal Singh live in Auckland NZ. I have been to fiji and always been staying in denarua where my meal always have to be Mama’s. Im a big ”FAN” of mama’s. My friend & work mate always wana try mama’s because i hav been always talking about it….most of them have already eaten when they went holiday and the feed back is +AAAAA… So just imgaine just by talking about it how people a attracting towards mama’s. Then how about opening a mama’s NZ. Im really confident that by opening mama’z in NZ will get a great result in fiji…Lets expand the famious brand of MAMA’S PIZZA out of FIJI & when people a there on holiday they know the taste of it will also know where to find them. We have pizza’s in nz but not as great as mama’s, I was thinging to open one mama’s in NZ with a support of famious brand of fiji. Pliz email me on for any suggestion.

    Amal Singh

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