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Ole Ole (Gifts) of Indonesia from Eda

Eda my Assistant is back, thank goodness and she brought back quite a few things for us.  And this time they were not shockingly sweet foods but savories which somehow tastes rather nice.

Here are some of the snacks she brought.  Of course some will remain nameless because she herself does not know what it is called so anyone out there reading this and knows what some of these snacks are called please send me a comment. Better still if it is the Indonesian name.

The first was these crispy fish that I thought was like a salted fish and was about to dry it in the sun when mum made a face and told me those could be eaten, so I took one, knowing full well I am not a fish person and really it was nice. Mum tried it too, fancy though, a mother should take the poison before the child, she waited for me to eat it first!

Although looking at the photo, you’d feel funny with a hundred eyes looking back at you, this fish what ever it is called was very crispy and tasty and no fish taste.  It was almost like a cracker. It was slightly salted, just perfect it was. I really do not know what fish it was, and I wonder if these fish can grow big because I got about a thousand baby fish all cooked to a crisp if not. Just found out the name…. this is called Bile (pronounced Be Lay)

Next was savory banana chips, not the sweet kind she usually brings back but the salty kind.  This was fried to a nice golden hue.  Packaging was a bit out I must say for something so nice.  It was perfectly crisp although badly packed so I tinned it all.  I wonder how much it was?

Crackers was next on the list.  I spread it out to be dried in the sun as with all crackers before you fry them. As yet I do not know how they taste, but once it is fried I will upload the photo. As usual, any questions on what and how it is made is always unknown. I always wonder how one can buy something and not know how it is made.

She also brought potato crackers, which I also dried out. And last I went there I saw three jars of fried potato crackers. I have yet to taste it so I do not know what it tastes like.  Will take photos later as well.

Salted Fish was next on the list. Now why does she do this? The moment I start to watch what I eat,  Salted Fish is placed in front of me. She brought two types which I know for a fact once fried will give such sinful pleasures to the palate and not to mention the ever burgeoning girth.

I really need to know my fish, because I am totally unaware what fish these are. Not even the Malay name, which I might add is quite shocking.  But still I know it will taste good.  These kinds of salted fish taste best just fried on low heat till it is crispy. I really try not to eat it but when its there I may take a piece or two, perhaps three. Temptations sometimes is a bit of a hassle.

Avocado was next on the list. Seven Kilos of it. Never have I seen so much Avocado in my house before.  Eda’s uncle grows them and she brought it for us.  I have not had any yet, but mum had some for tea and assured they taste yummy. So tomorrow I shall take photos of the cut up Avos.

Finally Keropok Sing Kong. This I know because I used to work with an Indonesian who was a waitress and while pregnant she always bought thing to satisfy her craving.  This is tapioca chips refried with chilly and sugar.  I have not eaten this yet but looking at it, it seems to be a bit oily for my liking.  But I will taste it when someone opens a packet later.

Daging Dendeng was the last thing she unwrapped. Daging Dendeng is thinly sliced beef marinated with mostly herbs found in this part of the world and fried. Its like meat chips, kind of like jerky but without the jerk so to speak.  This I found to be tasty as I have never eaten this before.  Not this crispy anyhow. The one I ate in Bali was more meaty.

Oh I forgot, Beef Rendang.  I have not photographed it for some reason, but I know it is in the fridge.  Perhaps I will do it later.  I tasted it and it is different from what I have tasted before.  There is a slight tangy taste to the rending which is so thick, that it is almost gravyless.  I was told the coconut milk is boiled till it separates and the cream hardens and becomes dark in color hence the natural dark color of the rending.  Must to be learnt from this style of cooking I must say.

So there goes my diet, or so I always seem to say.  I will try not to eat these pressies from Indonesia but I have no choice out of courtesy sake. The things we have to do sometimes.