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The Yogitree – Gardens, 1st Floor – Isetan Side

It was a brisk Monday I should say, after a tiring weekend of baking and cake decorating, my bff Sarah Carol decided it was time we went on a lunch date as we have made many lunch dates only to have something come up and is either forgotten or profuse apologetic text messages.

So today we decided it was THE DAY!

I was really not into eating anything unhealthy, and heavy, and well I am sure by now everyone knows what a pain I am when I go out to eat… it all has to do with Balance.  And it is up to the Restaurant to know what Balance I am in, at that moment or the whole lunch thing can be a horrible parody  never to be forgotten.

Carol wanted vegetables, I wanted vegetables, Rashid well he hadn’t decided at that time so off we went to Yogitree. at the Gardens.

I have passed the Yogitree a few times but had never ventured inside as I am always eating with friends who want Chinese or Japanese. So today we were going to eat healthy.  Now my version of healthy and Carol’s version of healthy can differ, as I know her well enough and she knows me well enough as well. So we entered Yogitree and there was a crowd already and it was not lunch time yet.

Ambiance wise, I should say simplicity is the key, it was bright, happy and no airs like some healthy places I have been to.  So we got our menu.

Carol Smizing....Tyra would be proud!

Now don’t get me wrong, I had the impression that Yogitree served healthy food, meaning healthy, no oil, no fat, nothing bad at all. But what I stared at in the menu was your typical everyday foods only made with good, fresh and better quality ingredients. They even had Nasi Lemak which was recommended, because they used brown rice.  They even had Organic Hainanese Chicken Rice.  Now that I had to taste as I have not had a plateful of chicken rice staring me in the face for a long long time. We’re talking years here.  Alas, it was only available on Tuesday.

So I ordered a salad, Carol ordered a salad and a pastry case thing with creamy mushrooms, and Rashid orders a steak and chips.  We got our homemade lemonade and Rashid had  Milkshake, which looked absolutely yummy.

Carols Salad appears.  It was a leafy salad with slivers of pear and duck topped with black sesame seeds.  Now while the taste was fine, I did find the dressing to be a tad bit too over powering and this made the lettuce leaves looked wilted.  Perhaps a little bit more color would have enhanced the salad that much more. Also the dressing thoroughly killed that ducky flavor, now whether this is good or bad I am not sure.

The Pastry parcel arrives and it was something like a large vol au vent, filled to the brim with creamy sauce and button mushrooms. I had half a piece and it was extremely nice and the pastry was freshly baked and so it was piping hot as well.  Now this coming from a healthy restaurant was certainly something else as for a fact I know pastry is not healthy at all, and more over puff pastry for that matter. But I loved it nevertheless.  I could have had a whole piece but the girth around the stomach made me think better.  I’m a pastry junky by the way…  will talk big about diets and all, place a plate of anything hot pastry and it will all change.

My salad was a roasted vegetable salad.  Appearance wise this was eye catching with a myriad colors of vegetables that I like. Again the chef was a little too generous with the dressing, that I felt I could have had two plates of salad with that amount of dressing that he poured on.  Perhaps Yogitree should consider letting their customers pour the salad dressing over their salad.  It’s just a thought, though I know people tend to waste. Or better still perhaps the waiter should ask if we like more dressing and serve it to us.

If you look closely you can see the dressing at the bottom of the plate. This is also probably the juiced from the roasted vegetables which consisted of carrots, squash and I believe it was Brinjal and topped with pinenuts.  Crunchy, tasty and something different as it was a cooked salad of sorts.  I like the combination of flavors.

Rashid’s steak and chips I thought did look rather sparse on his square plate.  Remove the bowl of gravy and the plate would look a trite empty.  Even if they added two more wedges and, two more mushrooms cut into four and two or three more baby French beans would have certainly made a difference.  The meat was small.  Rashid ate everything up, except the vegetables which I gladly ate.

We sat and chatted a while  as the restaurant kept filling up, I must say it was a treat in itself to be here with Carol and Rashid.  Yogitree is a nice place to hang out possibly during the Tai Tai times, when it would be less crowded and more relaxing.  There is nothing worst then trying to eat healthy and rush through your food.  I would go there again for sure with friends but it would probably be after 2 pm when things cool down.  Service was good, staff are cordial and attentive, that is important in a good meal experience.

Thank you Carol and Rashid for a wonderful lunch and excellent company.

Today’s Special – Macaroni Medley…

Today’s Macaroni dish is something a little different. It is like a Kung Poa with a lot less punch so to speak and I actually used black sauce. I bet when Carol reads this, she will just fall off her chair.

My Macaroni today even has chicken pieces, luxury compared to the last few days. So it’s kind of a complete meal so to speak with my carbs, my vegetables and my protein. And today’s dish has sauces like oyster sauce, and the two types of soy sauce, dark and light, and sesame oil as well.

I must say the last few days I just tend to feel a lot lighter then usual. I don’t have that horrible gluggy feeling that I have been going through for a while now and just now I tasted some Nasi Lemak Rice that Eda made for one of our food suppliers, the feeling came back almost instantly.  Also I like everyone to note that I eat these macaroni only once that is around 2 pm.  At night I eat whatever leftover vegetables my mum has leftover from dinner. So I am still eating but a lot more vegetables.

So before I waffle on, here is today’s recipe.

Macaroni                                              1 cup – boiled with a little salt till al dente

Chicken Meat                                       200 gms – marinade with some soy sauce, pepper and salt


Red Capsicum                                      1 cut into large cubes

Carrot                                                  1 small – sliced

Onion                                                   1 – o be cut into segments

Long Cabbage                                      5 leaves – to be roughly chopped

Garlic                                                   2 to be sliced

Sauce Mix – to be mixed separately

Oyster Sauce                                        1 tbsp

Dark Soy Sauce                                   1 tbsp

Soy Sauce                                            2 tsp

Oyster Sauce                                        2 tsp

Pepper                                                 1 tsp

Olive Oil


  1. Heat oil, throw in onions and sauté till it is slightly browned. Do not use on high flame, just strong enough to color it.
  2. Add in chicken, sauce mix and sliced garlic.  Sauté till chicken is slightly cooked.
  3. Add some water to the bowl and clear out any leftover sauce.  Pour into wok.
  4. Add in carrots and leave to simmer for about three minutes.
  5. Add in Capsicum and give it a quick stir.
  6. Add in Macaroni and Cabbage. Stir quickly. Season if necessary.
  7. Remove and serve.