My First Hand Bag Cake

The last two days have been rather daunting. I took an order that I was quite close to giving up because I had never done this sort of cake before. And after a rather hectic and stressful week last week and the weekend as well I might add, I thought enough was enough, but since I took the order and it was for one of my best clients I could not day no. So I made my first HANDBAG CAKE!!!!!

Constructing it was bad enough. I did look around on the internet and it was all

Side view of the cake

stuff that would take days to do and I had Monday to bake the cakes and Tuesday to ice it, so there was no mucking around and thinking of anything fancy mancy! I had to make it high and so I had to make sure the cake was “strong” enough to take the other cakes weight. I could have used fruit cake, but that would be too expensive and not many people like fruit cake although Farah does like it I know. So I piled on 3 layers of Nutty Carrot Cake and on top I put an Orange Butter Cake, so cake alone it was 5 kilos already. I sandwiched it with cream cheese frosting and then covered it with butter icing, and then proceeded to cover it with fondant. And last night, I swear the cake looked like a something from Hansel and Gretel gone wrong. It was hideous.

I gave up at 10.30 pm and went to bed. And trust me it was not easy going to bed with things on your mind.

I did have things in mind the next morning, that I thought thru the last night and I actually did an Emmanuel Stroobant and drew everything on a piece of paper, step by step, because this is almost like constructing the real thing.

So, I started again, with paper in hand and adding bits and pieces and three hours later. This is my cake. It does need a little bit of changes but for my first time, I think I can do it better next time. I chose not to use any designer names or logos because to me without making a big thing about it, it is an infringement of a brand, so I will not do such things as I am very against things like this. So this is Nicholas Pillai Design.

Sometimes I believe my cake teacher whose been gone for more then 19 years

Check out the back pocket

now Mrs Elaine Kathleen Foenander watches over me. Even when I was young and quite hopeless she always gave me extra and taught me more then she did with the other ladies, I never knew why she’d take the pains to do so for this big fat kid who asked a lot of questions. So this goes out to Mrs Foenander! It’s not the best, but it will get better…..


2 responses to “My First Hand Bag Cake

  1. Hi,
    It is good to see my grand aunt’s memory is still alive. I myself really miss her macaroons…..yum!

    p/s- my aunts name E.K. Foenander is actually Enid Kathleen Foenander and not “Elaine” as mentioned above.

    Anne Foenander

    • Hello Anne,
      The change has been made. I was but a 13 year old boy when she said her name just once, and all these years I thought it was Elaine… she was just wonderful, I can still see her decorating her cakes till this day, she was a woman way beyond her time. She had class, and she did a good job and in her own way she moulded me. I will never be as good as her, but I like to know I carry on what she taught me with great passion. Thanks for writing and correcting me and all.

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