A Gentlemen’s Cake – Hafiq’s Handiwork!

You know how hard it is to make cakes for men, and as they grow older it gets harder and harder.  In fact I think making a cake for a guy is most stressful.

Well we found a perfect solution for Bloke Cakes.

This is Hafiq’s first foray into cake decorating and he did a mighty good job with it.  The cake was a Hantaran cake for his sister’s engagement and I am sure  in the beginning she would have had butterflies in her stomach as Hafiq has never made a cake in his life and then he produced this.

I think it is work of art. And by the way the flowers are hand made as well.  He took two days to make those flowers and trust me it was a lot of work.  Gum Paste is not easy to work with as he found out with our constant temperature changes we had during the weekend.

The Sujee Cake (Semolina Cake) was covered in fondant and the and then he

A bare cake just before the details were added

added the details to it.

So anyone need a Bloke Cake, well here is out first and there will be many more Bloke Cakes to come.


One response to “A Gentlemen’s Cake – Hafiq’s Handiwork!

  1. Wow, the artwork is superb and fanastatic. Too beautiful to even cut or eat it…..Hafiq are the new pastry chef in the making. Keep up the good work my friend and Chef Nicholas look like you have found yourself a protégé

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