Byron Bay – The Market, The Food, The People

Asian Ingredients Rule

I had just landed and my dear friend Mary Fitzgibbons picked me up, and the rather long

Turmeric as never seen before

drive from Coolangatta Airport made my Aussie Trip that much longer, but still the scene and sights from the side of the car was anytime more welcoming then from the sky.  It was a nice quaint trip I have to say.

My first stop was the Byron Bay Organic Market.  I had never been to an organic market and as far as I’m concerned Byron Bay has always been known for it pot heads so I really had no idea what I was going to see or get or even expect.

We parked the car and walked into the open air market and frankly speaking it

The lovely Quiche Lady or Byron Bay Markets - Good Quiche! You should try it.

was to me like entering a mini carnival or sorts.  The happy characters selling their food stuff and fresh produce, the kids happily running around with food or drink in hand, grown ups walking around with their coffee, lattes and cappuccinos, a sight you never see in our local markets.  They even had a group of Japanese youth making sushi.  The sweet lady selling Quiche obliged for a photo too.  Wonderful quiche too.

My Favorite Leaves all in a row... check out the bananas in the back.

I also saw some Asian ingredients that were so pretty, I was not even sure it was what I had used before.

They had bread stores selling numerous types of sour dough and made of different kinds of flours, they had stalls selling different types of Quiche, they had stalls selling fine cheeses, like Camembert, Brie and even Goat Camembert which is hardly found in most supermarkets over there.

What struck me was that all of these people made or grew everything they sold

Betel Leaves - Daun Kaduk - AUD3.50 = RM12.50 a bunch... come to my house and we give it away

and they could tell you a lot about it right from the way it was prepared or grown or how you could cook up yourself a healthy simple meal using their products.

They had everything you’d need for a nice meal whether prepared or ingredients to buy to prepare yourself.

Here are some of the photos.  I could have taken more but I cleverly decided to have a hot tea and since there was no place to sit down I had to carry the tea, try to by stuff, eat and try to take photos at the same time. Not so easy after an eight hour flight I might add.

And Mary bought a dozen eggs and when she fried them, I never in my life saw such fresh eggs, they were picture perfect and in a whole piece unlike the slightly to overly runny eggs we get here in Malaysia, I did not take a photo unfortunately.

Rozelles - Pretty Flowers and damn nice tasting as well. Even the leaves are nice.

The sourdough bread with macadamia butter was simply utterly delicious that I think I put on a  kilo just that day.  I taught Mary about Rozelle, and so she bought two stalks, I boiled the flowers, and we even had seeds so Mary too some which she grew on that Thursday afternoon, and low and behold by Saturday morning, there were roots. Now I must grow mine.

Byron Bay' Pin Up Chick - Kaoru Mary Fitzgibbons

Thank you Mary and thank you Elise for a wonderful visit to Byron Bay… I’ll be back!

I had such a good time at Byron Bay, not to mention the meat pies, the Lamingtons – best I’ve had in this trip.  But most importantly catching up with someone I’ve not seen in 15 years.


2 responses to “Byron Bay – The Market, The Food, The People

  1. A very cool write up Nick, i’m glad you had a great time… don’t know about the Byron Bay Pin Up Chick bit!! LOL you are funny x lots of love Mary

    • It was one of my highlights.. would love to go back and spend a longer time at the market, take nicer photos of the places, and the foods and the people and the two Byron Bay Chicky Babes…

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