Ramadhan Buka Puasa Stalls Section 14 PJ – Part 2

Today I was with Emi my friend and PA and she was quite excited about the Buka Puasa Stalls just outside my house and you could see her face peering through my kitchen window to see if they had started.  Well I was there too peering to see the same thing.

So at 3 pm, we went on our walkabouts with mum tagging along to buy Wajid and Pulut Panggang to take to Singapore tomorrow.  Well in the end we came back with ten different foods, and we could have still bought more. Funny though, we were the only ones at the whole bazaar that were carrying Tupperware.

So here are more highlights of My Ramadhan Buka Puasa Stalls – well because it is by the side of my house so it is mine at the moment.

Now Nasi Beringin comes from Johore and it is similar to Nasi Lemak except it has got Ghee or clarified butter added to give it its distinctness.  Now as if we need more richness in the rice, but it sounded rather delicious.  I am so tempted to try it but as usual, I dare not because I’ll get all worried and flustered after I eat it.  This Nasi Beringin comes with a whole lot of accompaniments much like Nasi Lemak but Kak Azuwa’s stall seems to be that bit more decadent.  Take a look at the photos.

Then I finally took a photo of Kokopelli’s Stall, the famous fried Koay Teow cooked by a Artsy Fartsy Malay Man in true Chinese Style!  Pity I could not take a photo of the chef as it was early and they were setting up, but I will do so tomorrow from my fence!

So far we have devoured 6 packets of his a la minute Char Koay Teow!  It comes in a cutesy little takeaway pack as well.

Next was the Penang Popia, the one I talked about yesterday, today I finally managed to get a photo as it was still early.  This is the one with the goss!

The line was already starting as you can see.  And this line goes right through my backlane that it is even exhausting for me to watch these people line up in the hot sun and thunder and lightning for these Little Wrapped Wonders.

And today I was lucky I actually got a frontal shot of them making the Popiah Basah or Fresh Spring Rolls. These Spring Rolls originate from Penang.  While it was a Baba Nonya staple, but the Indian Muslims over there improvised and made a spicier version which is not a staple for Breaking Fast.

Finally a Frontal Shot of them making these Fresh Spring Rolls

Next was a stall that sold different types of Porridges, Congee and Gruel so to speak.  The famous is of course Bubur Lambuk. While Porridge is mostly Chinese, Bubur Lambuk is a staple for the Malays and it seems like it has any kind of meat in it. I ate it for the first time today and I had bits of minced beef, squid and I even saw a prawn.

Bubur Lambuk

The rice is boiled in a big cauldron and all these meats and flavoring are added to it and boiled it is is a pulp.  Coconut milk is added although I did not taste any today but according to mum there was some traces.  Still it was quite tasty and I would have preferred it without the coconut milk due to health reasons.

Pots and Pots of Cholestrol - Delicious though.. worth the attack and the clogging!

The other delights was the various sweets they had like sweet potato in coconut cream, mung beans, red beans, pengat pisang  and one that had all the ingredients of Ice Kacang except that it was hot.  I had that too as well. Poor Emi.. had to watch us eat.

My Favorite - Can't remember the name but it had all the stuff I liked

Now today was a bit different, funnily I read about this stall in the Star this afternoon, and then I chanced upon it during our walkabout this afternoon with Emi and Mum.

I thought it looked so like we were  at a European Fair or  Fete. Check this out.

The Colors and the Flavors

Fruit Flans Galore…Of course they had a Malay name I cannot remember because I was too captivated by what I saw.  I thought it was really ingenuity.

A Grape Custard Flan

Fruit Cocktail Custard Flan

A Kiwi Custard Flan

A Colorful Jelly Custard Flan

A Kiwi Fruit Custard Flan

Creme and Coffee Creme Caramel

Fruit Custard Flan Madness!!!

And finally this last photo I thought was the most photogenic of all.  Found at Diva Kuih’s stall… such prettiness.

Something you'd find in Bedrock with the Flintstones

I have not tasted the above and the flans, but you must admit that this last photo is really photogenic and a happy ending.

I am quite excited at doing this and there are still more stalls I have not ventured to because we had our hands full today.  So let’s see what part 3 brings.

Till then Selamat Berpuasa..



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