Ramadhan Buka Puasa Stalls Section 14 PJ – Part 3

I’m just shameless, I told myself NO MORE Buka Puasa Stall food… NO MORE!!!!

And then guess what?? I was there at 3 pm sharp walking around amidst some of them setting up and some of them preparing and all, clicking away and buying more food.  You know while all the Muslims in the world will be losing weight, I’m going to be gaining.

Well today for some reason, this ladies stall attracted me. Thing is she is right in there in full sight from my kitchen but I never saw her till today.  How strange, and seeing that the Satay man has been missing since day 2, I thought she was the replacement, but then I remembered that the Satay Man was not there he was a little bit further.  I thought it was rather strange because I would have seen her since I am well known for seeing things others don’t, good bad, or evil and somehow I never saw this stall till today, and I noticed she had Kerabu, which is a Malay style salad.  I was salivating looking at it, I don’t know why. Men do have cravings you know.  Well I do anyhow.

So I thought I had to check this lady out and off I marched out of my house and I was only going to get Kerabu.

An Array of Malay Delights

Well I got there and she had all sorts of I must say authentic Malay food, and so I ordered Kerabu, then I chanced upon Cow Lungs (I know it sounds wrong, but it cannot be Beef Lungs), and it was not coated in chilly just a wave through the wok with a little oil and chilly, you know the chilly that can stick in your teeth and make you look silly. That kind.

She had all sorts of stuff, I just could not take a proper photo because people were still unpacking and cars were moving around.  I would have loved to have taken more photos. She had Cat Fish, she had tempeh sambal, she had those snail like things in the photo.

So now I had two items, then Aunty Mary wanted Pulut Panggang, so off I marched there to get some.  The man and I seem to be good friends now for some odd reason.

Then I was suppose to get some Mee Jawa for Aunty Mary and then I chanced upon this man selling jams, so I had to look see and I ended up buying a bottle of Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Pickle.  Now I thought I’d help out the man because I was sure no one would go and buy his stuff because unlike the others you had to get close to his stall to see his products and Malaysians have a tendency not to go near and look for fear they will have to buy or lose face!

Only Malaysia... Strawberry Pickle.

And it was very very nice.  Its made in Cameron Highlands. I just saw dad eating it with a spoon just now.  The Strawberry Pickle was oh my gosh, I wish I brought the bottle back to my house now.  I hope people watching me buy it did go and check it out, because I did see people watching me when I went to his stall.  Good Stuff… do try it.

Then I said enough, and Diva Kuih saw me and smiled so I bought her meat curry puffs which are rather nice actually.

Then I walked back and passed the Nasi Dagang Stall.  Now I heard someone say very loudly that it was really nice yesterday, so I thought ok let’s have an early dinner at 4 pm.

Oh my gosh… it was like entering an eatery at Pantai Cinta Berahi or I think it is called Pantai Cahaya Bulan now. I was given the pack of rice and had to choose my accompanying dishes. They had fried quail, I have ever eaten fried quail in my life, I don’t know why. but I just never did, and it was freshly fried, ohhh I was so excited, and I looked around and saw Solok!! I have not had Solok since i was in Kelantan with Chia Chen, Hafiq and Poh Leng, and that was in 2009.

So in the end I had a quail, solok, beef curry, and fresh vegetables for health reasons.

Oh my gosh... Orgasmic!

Now everything in that packet tasted delicious.  So the meat was a little tough, but I liked it.  Meat should have bite, and if you like your meats too soft, you’re just not giving your teeth a chance to be used.  I shared it with Dad and Aunty Mary, and everyone enjoyed it.  Nothing was left behind.  This looks like it is necessary to repeat. The quail was perfection.  It did look like a tiny bird, and went tinier after it was fried, but the taste was really nice.  I did not take enough photos, so maybe tomorrow.

If anyone is wondering what is Solok, it is fish meat usually mackeral mixed with coconut, and flavored with usually some lemon grass and stuffed into a chilly.  I did a class on Solok two years ago, it was fun but a lot of work.

So I got home and we had dinner at 4 pm, and now at 9.54 pm I am hungry as hell.  I need more Nasi Dagang.

Just as Orphan Annie sang.. The Sun’ll come out… tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… will be fine…..and you can bet I’ll be there doing my taste tests for the good of mankind.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll be there tomorrow, it’s only a day away…..  (Smug face here)


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