Dried Pasta vs Fresh Pasta – My Pasta Aglio Olio with an Asian Twist

I have never been a real fan of pasta, while I would eat it a little but I never crave for pasta, never once.  I do use it as an alternative to rice at times as it does digest more easily but lately I have started to enjoy fresh pasta over dried boxed pasta.  I think the flavor of the pasta is so different, that since doing my pasta class last year and having done 14 classes in one month and a bit, has changed my tastes towards fresh pasta over dried store bought pasta.


I realized how awful store bought pasta was after making Aglio Olio for an order. While these clients regularly order this dish but after not having done it and doing all the fresh pasta classes I did, I just got a shock when I tasted it.  Now I just cannot stomach boxed pasta anymore.  I have tried it several times and it just did not seat well with me.  I’m not being difficult or anything like that but this happens to be the case at the moment.  As most of you who are regulars here know I am quite seasonal.


Also I did a rather nice twist to Pasta Aglio Olio the other day… I know it is rude to bastardize a food but my new take on pasta Aglio Olio was one with Salted Fish with Lemon Grass and Kaffir Leaves.  It was the first to finish at our new years party and everyone was asking for more.  They even wanted to know the brand of pasta I used because it was different.  Well it was fresh pasta.


Fresh pasta can be a pain to make, trust me, I have 100 students from the last class who would agree but the end result if done right is fabulous, and it will change you.  It will even change the Italian restaurants you frequent.


Sadly I do not have a photo of the Aglio Olio with Salted Fish, but I will make some one of these days just to take a photo.  Here is the recipe anyhow


Fresh Pasta  about 600 gms- rolled and cut Fettucine style


Parsley                                     about 150 gms – pluck leaves, wash, drain and chop finely

Garlic                                      100 gms – chopped finely

Chilly                                      3 or 4 – to be sliced thinly

Kaffir Leaves                          6 to be sliced finely

Lemon Grass                           2 to 3 stalks – sliced finely

Salted Fish Fillet                     100 gms or more – the not too dry type – cut into small bits

Butter                                      125 gm

Olive oil                                  ¼ cup

Salt and Pepper to taste




  1. Boil Pasta till Al Dente – Wash through with cold water once it is done.
  2. Heat a pan, add in butter and olive oil
  3. Add in Garlic to sauté.
  4. Add in lemon grass, salted fish and kaffir leaves
  5. Stir on  low heat till salted fish aroma permeates the kitchen
  6. Stir in pasta, toss it around, and add in parsley and chilly.
  7. Stir through and season.
  8. Serve hot.



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