Bali Catering – Jl. Petitenget 45, 80361 Kuta Bali

Four years ago I chanced upon this place while walking around the Pettitenget area in Seminyak Bali. And whenever I am in Bali now I make it a point to go there for a meal or breakfast, or just to eat the best and innovative European Gourmet Foods. And today four years later, I made a trip there again and was taken on a foodie journey to nearby France, in Bali. And better still I get to blog about it!

Now when I came here in 2008 and found this place, they only just opened and still they had the best gourmet food and pastries I had ever set my eyes upon.

Everything was made on the premises, the ice creams, the pastries, the breads, the macarons, the chocolates, pates and terrines, and I was shocked to see the size of the kitchen, because while most places would make a big restaurant front and a miniscule kitchen where they expect gastronomic wonders to come flying out, Bali Catering kitchen was enormous.

I believe here they respect their chefs.  Even back then they were confident of what they would be a success and to this day I have not found anyone here in Bali who comes close. It’s a food wonderment?





So today I made that magical trip there although I must say I nearly more forgot whilst thoroughly engrossed in other Bali activities.

I wish though that Brian would have tagged along so that I could order more sumptuous morsels of delight. Alas he had other plans.

So here I was like a kid in a candy store right here in Bali wondering what I should order to make sure it would be flavors I would remember for a long time coming. I needed a pie that’s for sure and Bali Catering or Gourmet Shop as it is now known had several but I chose Duck and Mushroom because I never ever had a Duck pie in my life.

Took two macarons, but only took a photo of one because I could not wait to sink my teeth into it while picking others foods.

Now not wanting to look like Babe in Bali or the next Babi Guling Posterboy I took a chicken floss bread roll which I thought looked rather different from what we get in Malaysia. I was so tempted to take more I swear, but one has to withhold ones’ temptations especially in public. I did have a Diet Coke though.
So while waiting for my Duck Pie to be reheated, in the OVEN and not MICROWAVE.. I nosed around the place taking photos.

I was clicking away and in my heart I wish I had a place exactly like this, where everything looked so delightful and scrumptious and no cost is spared to use good ingredients may it be local or imports, to present it like a true blue Boulangerie and most importantly the people working there were people who loved food, who talked food and invited you to try things because they know what’s good. This is seldom found in Malaysia because people work because they have to work and most times they won’t have a clue about what is going on, yet in Bali Catering, all their staff right from the time they started till now have excellent product knowledge. Mind you the gourmet delights in Bali Catering are not cheap and the average Balinese would not even go to this place because of the price so they needed an edge to sell their premium products to the expat public. And they have done so well because now has four outlets all over Bali.
I am going off on a tangent now. So now my Duck and Mushroom Pie was ready, So I got him to arrange all the foods on their wooden trays, not tacky plastic ones please. And I sat at the last of three tables to photo and savor my food.
I had an Almond Macaron and a Grenadine Granita Macaron, the latter I ate en route to picking other foods.

I had the bread first, and the first bite it was full of richness and it was eating real bread, not the soft breads filled with improvers and bread softeners that we are used to. I broke it apart and realized the bread was made in a swill rolls style, ie, the chicken floss was added once the bread was baked and then spread and then rolled, and the bread was rolled out perfectly, something I should try out actually. The bread was filling as well, unlike soft fluffy breads, this one filled you up, but I still have the duck pie….

Then I had the pie. The first bite was an orgasm in my mouth. The flavor of real butter in the pastry and the richness yet lightness of the filling, the right amount of duck and fresh mushrooms and just the right amount of pastry was tantalizing. I really wanted to but some to take back to Malaysia but knowing me I would have eaten it all by tonight, so that was a dangerous thought. It was by far the best pie I’ve tasted, this one has set the standard. I so want more.

Finally my macaron, the almond one was far better then thhe first one. It was the sweet one needed to end a wonderful brunch.

I wish I could have had ice cream, I wish I could have had more bread, I wish I could have had everything. I wish someone would give me a food hamper from Bali Catering – hint hint..

Oh yes they even do birthday cakes and beautiful wedding cakes.

Anyone going to Bali, I want Ole Ole from Gourmet Shop, Bali Catering.


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