Padang Jaya Nasi Padang – Jln Dhyana Pura, Seminyak, Bali – Corner shop

I have been visiting this restaurant every time I have come to Bali.  I am never one to venture into places that sell foods like this in Malaysia, I don’t know why but I will always find a reason no to enter the shop, but I was introduced to this place by a Balinese person and he told me it was the best around and he was sooo right.

I have been to a few Nasi Padang shops which I might add is opened 24 hours a day except during Nyepi, a celebration in March where everything is closed even the airports.

So here I am, the moment I land in Bali, I run to my leather shop because I threatened Widodo that if he closed shop I would be very angry and so I rush to the leather shop which is a bout 18 shops away from Padang Jaya Nasi Padang, order what I need, argue with him because he was being smart, and the fact that I forgot my phone was another issue because I could not download my photos so here I was lugging my lappy all around to show him what I needed.

So leather goods ordered, I march with proudness to my favorite Nasi Padang shop and enter in, also note this is not a posh shop, the reason you won’t see photos is because it looks worst then some of our little stalls around here which I for one would never enter.  But I am on holiday…. so there you go!

I enter in and some of the foods were piping hot… ohh what yumminess, and then guess what???? I left my camera in the hotel on the bed! Just like I left my mobile phone in Malaysia on the Bed!

Well I was not going to worry about it now, I ordered my food, now once again this is a person who will not even eat Mixed Rice in Malaysia,  I even ordered fish, why because it did not look like fish, was boneless, resembled nice pieces of steak and was skinless.  It was local Tuna so I was told.  I ate all my food, rice included and vowed I’d be back in the next few days.  I was satisfied, I left the shop with a smile in my heart.

Now be warned, you may be put off by some off the foods, it may not look like a very sanitized place but it was comfort food.  No amount of flies was going to deter me although having said that, this time around there was not one fly around.  So there you go…

Next visit was with Brian, fussy pot, but he succumb to temptations.  Danny should have been around because then we would have ordered everthing.

Corn Fritters - I was so so with this one, I think it was tasteless and didn't taste corny enough.

So here are the photos taken on the last day I was in Bali.

This is how Nasi Padang is presented all over Bali

Just look at the fish fillets, now that is exactly how I like my fish.  It does not even look like fish nor tastes like it because it is cooked and served with a curry gravy.  By Australia’s Masterchef standard, it would be considered overcooked but to me it was perfectly done to suit my palate.  The fried chicken was nice too although Eda does a more fantastic job.  This was probably because it was not piping hot. I have a variety of piping hot fried chicken when Eda cooks.

At the bottom, we have Fried Cow Lungs (How ever do you translate it into English without it sounding strange).  I didn’t have it this time as I had too many fried things on my plate, but I know it is nice,I had it a few years ago.

Now it must be stressed, I ate here the first time four years ago and once after that, and till today the food still tastes the same.

Daging Dengdeng - fried till dry beef steaks, another type of fried chicken and hidden in the corner Tempe

Now I would not say everything is nice , but to each his own, I do not like certain things and one thing is floating oil.  Now that is a no no to me and I would never ever touch anything that has oil floating in it be it the most virginal of olive oils, so I did stay away from some things.

one of the no no's till I tasted it.

Now I have to admit, this was a turn off and when he wanted to put it in my plate, I told him no, but he did it without touching the oil, and I must say, it was nice, in fact it was so nice and me not liking spicy chilly food, I thought I would like it with rice, and a fried egg.  It complemented the whole meal even though I thought I would keel over and die with the oil.  Didn’t happen!

Another no no and this time I didn't ask for it.

Now this Idid not touch, the oil was off putting and when I tried to ask him what it was he mumbled something. Now one has to know the people in Padang Jaya Nasi Padang don’t talk, they don’t smile, they don’t say anything not even between staff.  They ask you if you want a drink, rice and you show them what you want, you may ask them what is what and that’s it.  So don’t expect convivial chatter.  Service here is a big ZERO… food however is a good 8 and a bit out of 10.  I never found out what this dish was, but I am sure I will.

These are the gravies they may pour over the fish or the fried chicken, The one with Tempe is nice. Goes fantastically well with the fish.

Sambal Jering - not to be eaten if you are going clubbing to pick up... Dhyana Pura Road is the clubbing district of Bali

I cannot for the life of me remember what this was called but it consisted of offal and muscle and I am sure I will keep guessing tonight while I am sleeping, rather nice too..but then I love offal.

Daun Singkong is about the only green you will find in the shop, it is actually tapioca leaves. Nice eaten with sambal, bitter on it's own.

Omelets, I don't make nice omelets, these were fluffy even though it was cold, and it had a nice hint of something spicy in it...

A close up of my fish dish, I am salivating looking at this, now whoever knows me would be surprised because fish never tempts me unless it is sashimi. This one was orgasmic!

So there you go, my trip to my favorite food place in Bali.  Try it, because I surely will when I go back there again.


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