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My Burger Lab – 14, Road 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Now Poh Leng has been telling me about this place over the last two or three weeks, and not being a burger fan I kind of brushed it off and thinking it was the same old same old. And the fact that it was in Seapark, in an area which was never known to have any restaurants over many years I thought a burger place in that part of the area would be catastrophic and a Gourmet Burger Joint for the matter, it would not last, because at nights nothing happens in that part of Seapark.

The only place for food on that row would be Kedai Kuih Ah Han, the lady who makes wonderful nonya kuih and charges you quite a bit, still good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good. And she closes at 4 pm or so.

So today, without warning Poh Leng called for dinner and asked me to invite Hafiq. Today being a rainy and rather cool day, appetites tend to be bigger I feel, either that or it’s just an excuse to eat more. So I was the first to reach The Burger Lab and it was already half full, so I stood outside waiting for them and I made my judgement of the place.

No frills, modern, simplicity with a lot of life, both from the vibrant staff and the people who were waiting around. Now this is just the restaurant ambiance from outside. They even have an African waiter who actually added something extra to the place, perhaps as racist as it sounds, some color.   Everyone had a nice spunky cheery My Burger Lab Polo.

One thing to note, everyone spoke very good English, which is a change in places like this who usually hire foreign staff who sell things they don’t have a clue off. These staff were on the ball. This is a big plus point to me because they mingled, they explained they had good product knowledge.

I waited a while and noticed the place fill up so I marched in and quickly found a table at an angle that I could view the whole restaurant and the people who came in. I could not order anything because Poh Leng and Hafiq were stuck in traffic, so the evil stares I got from those who had ordered and waiting for a table while I sat there with three empty seats was not very comfortable. Soon they arrived.

No menus, you order a ala Mc Donalds or any fast food style, menus are on a

The Menu – My Burger Lab’s List of Goodies

black board written with chalk, very clearly written, the food will be served of course by the rather vibrant and mobile staff. Hafiq lined up and placed out orders, I just told him what I wanted and sat at my place chatting to Poh Leng.

By this time it was just about 7.20 and the place was FULL. Waiters were all over the place calling out names of customers to serve them their burgers. I had half the mind to pretend to be those people so I could have my burger earlier. We waited for a good 15 to 20 minutes for our burgers to arrive. And truly, watching the burgers go past you in those little baskets as the waiters walked around shouting out names was really amazing. By then end you probably knew who was who in the restaurant. Still people were all over the place and more were coming in.

While Hafiq was getting the food, the chicken burgers were already out of stock!

So finally Hafiqs name was called out and of course being the only 1 Malaysia table they had no problems finding us.

So Poh Leng had Shroom Shroom Shroom Burger because she was vegetarian

An Ugly Photo taken by yours truly, makes the burger look like a grey rock with filling

today. Please don’t be alarmed if you see your bread black in color. It’s the a charcoal burger bun which I thought was a rather novel idea to differentiate yourself from others. Very nouveau I should say. So Poh Leng’s burger was a Portobello mushroom sizzled on the griddle and encased in mozzarella cheese and iceberg lettuce. I did think it could have had a trifle bit more veggies since it was a Vegetarian burger. But still it was nice. We paid extra for chips and bottomless drinks.

The Carb Free Diet flew right out of the door, the minute these were placed in front of us.

The chips were really nice. Not shoe string but slightly thicker cut, and it had a distinct taste which I could not put my finger on, although it was a sprinkling of thyme and it came with a chilly mayo which was just what the doctor ordered.

Now my burger, I was worried because I really hate any sauce in my foods especially burgers. And I had forgotten to tell Hafiq to tell them no sauce. I was really dreading this. I hate tomato sauce, I hate chilly sauce and worst still I hate Mayo and thousand island. My burger was called A Beautiful Mess, now, It was a Beef Burger, with Mushrooms, and a fried egg, and there was cheese. Now I really could not fathom how they were going to put together my burger because in my mind I had this vision of them encasing my burger with eggs and slices of mushrooms, I really had that in mind. And worst dollops of sauce!

Carefully arranged, and a beautiful mess indeed


Low and behold, the burger came and it was arranged beautifully like a gourmet Big Mac, burger and three breaded and fried pieces of mushrooms and the egg was cleverly fried in a capsicum ring. Ohh I was so proud of my selection. This coming from a person who only has a so so relationship with burgers. And the wonderful part of it was, the yolk was slightly cooked enough that it did not ooze all over the place but the yolk was wet enough that when the burger was bitten, the yolk burst and oozed out goodness that went all over the burger which I might add was perfectly cooked. Not dried but moist, and wet and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh an Orgasm was about to happen!

It was that good. Of course I do have a small mouth so I had to take it apart and eat it so I really appreciated each layer with much ecstacy. It was worth it! And the chips just made my day.

Hafiq’s Burger was called Beef A+ Burger and it was an A + as well . I cannot really say much because I only had a bite of it but it was filled to the brim with caramelized onions, cheese, and fresh shitake mushrooms. And the pinkness of the meat made it even more appetizing.

I would go there again for sure, , My Burger Lab is opened at 5 pm daily and it is not a place one can linger and have a chat and do lovey dovey stuff, you eat you leave, or you get the evil eye from customers waiting for a seat. And one more thing, don’t dress up, because you will smell like a burger when you come out.

The Burger Lab will go far if they keep dishing out burgers like this, but thing is they can easily be victims to copycats, this is Malaysia after all.

Part Two – This has never happened before…

Today Shakira and I decided to go to My Burger Lab, my second time and her first. So she hung out with me at home after work and then we drove there, expecting shocking traffic but it was fairly good, so we reached there with heaps of time before breaking fast.

We found a seat and Shakira saw two sets of colleagues already there and so we ordered, and we told them food at 730pm, in time for breaking fast. First shocker! No Chips! WHAT!! I went. So I was promised that if the chips came in time, we’d get it free. I told them there was no need to. Being in the food business, it is not necessary. But still they insisted, so I just kept quiet.

So in 10 minutes someone shouted out my name, and off I went to pick my burger which was 20 minutes too early. I sort of told them it was early and they apologized. Ok no biggie. Still no chips!

Today was a bit different because they called out your name and you had to pick your burger up unlike last week when they called out your name you stood up and the burger was placed on your table. Well maybe work flow would be better this way.

So we took photos, and talked and the burgers were getting colder and colder

Not our Chicken Hangover

because Shakira and I sat right underneath the airconditioner. Now Shakira’s burger looked like chicken, but then I didn’t want to touch it and since we were waiting so I thought let’s wait. Last week I thought mine was the wrong burger and in the end it turned out to be gorgeously breaded and fried mushrooms. So we’ll wait.

Then we spotted the delivery man bringing in four cartons of chips! I went up to pay for my chips but was told it was not necessary. Just out of politeness of course one must not expect freebies.

The other Nicholas’ Burger – looks like what Hafiq had last week

Now cold burgers, and hot chips well it’s ok. Then they called out my name, and I must note by this time the restaurant was getting crowded and noisy and it was time for my chips, because the next table was all happy with theirs. Before I could get up I saw this guy going up to get the baskets of burgers and chips, then there was a bit of a discussion, I heard my name being called out and since no one made eye contact I left it. Then suddenly a waiter comes up and apologizes and takes our cold burgers away and brings us piping hot burgers. Seems that there was two people with the same name in the restaurant at the same time. Now imagine if it was not the fasting month and we gobbled down the burger??

So we had piping hot burgers and piping hot chips right on time! Ahhhh!!!! Shakira and I got goosies eating thosed lightly herbed chips dipped in that lightly chillied mayo. Goosies Galore!

My Beef Swisstake

No one said anything, we just ate and ate. I had a Swisstake Burger, now I have to say the meat today was for some reason a lot better then the other day. Grass fed Aussie cows! It didn’t need any sauce once again and the thinly sliced sautéed mushrooms just burst with taste, and while one look at the burger you would thing it would be overwhelming, it was not, it thoroughly complemented the juicy beefiness of the meat. And I was wondering what that crispy cracker like tortilla chip thing was?

One bite and it was cheese…. Oh my god…. It was wonderful. I should have ordered one more slice to be done exactly like that. Maybe even two.

Shakira’s Beef Hangover

Shakira had a Beef Hangover and it had a nice albeit a little too fried Hashbrown. Frankly I have never seen Shakira eat like that before. Shakira likes to see a lot of food and then she will have a teaspoon of everything. She just ate almost everything without much verbal communication.  I must say she was a bit apprehensive about the Charcoal Burger.  But it all disappeared once she took a bite.  A small bite at first I might add.

I must add, I wish My Burger Lab would put more Salad or lettuce leaves in their burger or even offer it as an added option.  I would have felt my meal more complete it I had a few more leaves in my burger.  I hope they read this.

We had a good time till this Chick started hovering over us giving that, “can you please hurry up because I want your seat” look. She just stood there with a Mother Superior face! Anyhow Shakira was still eating away so I pretended not to notice. Then she took out a magazine to read over us, then she took out her earphones and put it on!

And it was not like she had her burger or anything like that!

Silly Cow!  We ended our meal experience right then.

Shakira decided that we would be back next week. Maybe next week I will try the Elvis Burger, heard from the other table, that it was different.

Good night, and highly recommended for those who like to eat and run….or you’ll have Silly Cow hovering over you.

Best time to go, before 7 pm!

August Cooking Classes

August 5th Sunday 10 to 1 pm

Laksa For Raya – Learn to make 3 types of Laksa for   Raya this year.  2 places Left

You will learn:
1. Johore Laksa
2. Curry Laksa
3. Assam Laksa

This is a semi hands on class. Please bring you containers or you can eat it all after class.

Price Per Person: $100 – Class will commence once there are 8students

August 11th Saturday 10 to 1 pm

Nutty Cookies for Raya – Learn to make three easy nutty favorites.  2 places left

You will learn:
1. Almond London
2. Cashew Nut Cookies
3. Hazelnut Coffee Cookies

This is a fully hands on class where you will be working in groups. Please bring CONTAINERS to take your cookies home.

Price Per Person: $90 – Class will commence once there are 8 students.

August 19th Sunday 2.30 to 5.30

Roasting on the Weekend – Learn to make Roast Lamb and its accompaniments. 3 places left


You will learn:
1. Leg of Lamb
2. Scalloped Potatoes
3. Salade Nicoise
4. Flourless Chocolate Cake

This is a semi hands on class.

Price Per Person: $120 – Class will commence once there are 8 students.

August 26th Sunday 10 to 1 pm

Pies Galore – Learn to make Pies


New Class August 12th Sunday 2.30 to 5.30

You will learn:
1. Short Crust Pastry
2. Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Filling
3. Shepherd’s Pie
4. Apple Pie

This is a hands on class

Price Per Person: $100 – Class will commence once there are 8 students.

August 31st Friday 10 to 2 pm  is FULL

Fondant Flower Making and Decorating Class 101

New Date – September 1st 10 to 2 pm is FULL

Learn to decorate your cake with handmade flowers and fondant.
You will learn to make:
1. Fondant
2. Forget Me Nots
3. Cherry Blossoms
4. Butterflies
5. Leaves
6. Royal Icing
7. To cover a cake with fondant
8. To assemble flowers on a cake
9. Final Touch ups with Royal Icing
This is a fully hands on session, students will be making their own flowers. This is a beginner’s class, an intermediate class will be organized later.
Please bring a large container to take home your flowers.

Price Per Person: $165 (Class will commence once there are six students)

Classes will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya. Please email to book and to make any enquiries. Please check my blog class updates and other food related topics.

Japanese Cheesecake Schedule

This is the schedule for the Japanese Cheesecake Class. Classes will commence once there are 9 people per class.

September 16th Sunday 2.30 to 5.30

September 22nd Saturday 2.30 to 4.30 pm

September 23rd Sunday 10 to 1 pm

September 30th Sunday 2.30 to 4.30

Price Per Person: $36
Please email to book your date.
Class will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya