January 2015 Cooking and Baking Classes

January 4th Sunday 2.30 to 5.30

Pineapple Tart Class


First class of the year only because Chinese New Year is around the corner.  Learn to make two types of pineapple tarts.

You will learn two types of pastries and the jam of course.


  1. Old Fashion Pineapple Tart – Opened Tarts
  2. Rolled Pineapple Tart
  3. Pineapple Jam

This is a hands on class, please bring containers to take home your cookies

Price Per Person: $95 (Class will commence once there are six students

January 11th Sunday 2.30 to 5.30


Cookies and More Cookies. 


These are recipes from my sister.  She does not bake much but when she does it is often a hit where she is.  So here are her three recipes. I am also teaching how to make your own ginger powder because the ginger powders sold around seems to be utter rubbish!

And I was quite shocked how fast you can do it yourself as well.  And to think.. after all these years, I learnt something new simply by thinking a little bit… more!

  1. Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Shortbread
  2. Ginger Cookies
  3. Learn to make your own ginger powder

Price Per Person: $85

January 18th Sunday 2.30 to 5.30

Savory Cookies

Learn to make savory cookies.  These are cookies with minute amounts of sugar or almost none.  You will learn to bake;

  1. Spicy Dried Prawn Cookies
  2. Cheese Cookies
  3. Sesame Wonton Wrappers

Price Per Person: $95

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Classes will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya.  Please call 016 6827465 or email cookingwithnicholas@gmail.com to book and to make any enquiries. 

Please follow my blog www.nicholaspillai.wordpress.com

Fees are to be paid once you make a booking, if a class is canceled you will be refunded.  If fees are not paid, your name will be not be placed on the list.


2 responses to “January 2015 Cooking and Baking Classes

  1. Hi Nicholas ,  i  had  read  your  cooking classes timetable . Yes , i am interested  the pineapple  tart  class at this Sunday. Is there still got  available  place for me ?   Thank you .

  2. Hello Nicholas. How are u ? I still in Vietnam . Today i make the rolled pineapple pastry follow your recipe but after i had baking in 150’c  in 15 minute , the result is not so good . It run off the shape , not nice looking . The tarts taste is delicious . How can i correction ?  Do it better remain the shape same like  original  egg shape ( before baking ) . Can you please  show me  how to it better ? Thank you .

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