Varthur Sunday Market – Whitefield, Bangalore

The last time I was here, Richard decided we should go to Central Market and in my mind I had visions of Expat ladies selling their wares and their different foods and handicrafts, simply because Richard himself was a little vague about things.  I remember the drive there. We went through busses and cars and scooters and automated rickshaws and too many people along with a Procession and a company holding some opening and when we got there, the place smelt like cow dung!

So once again I didn’t have much hope.  So we drove to Varthur Sunday Market which is not far from where we live, about 30 minutes or so we are dropped of amidst throngs of people and moterbikes and we walked towards the market.

Varthur Market got it’s name from the Vathur Lake.  While it is very village like with its small shops and roadside peddlers, lots of Varthur has been earmarked for development, so there might not be a Varthur Sunday Market one day. So do visit Varthur Market if you are in Bangalore.  So from here, you know I kind of enjoyed myself.

Here are photos of the market.



Upon entering, well there is no particular entrance actually, it just depends where you are coming from, this is the sight that greets you.

Never in my life have  I seen such big amounts of French Beans, Chillies, Onions, Potatoes and a lot of other vegetables all over the place.  The vegetables were very fresh and a healthy color and the prices were just so shockingly low, you might wonder how these people make a living?





I was trying to take a photo of the weighing scale, but the lady kept giving me, “what you trying to do look?” I would love to own one of these weighing scales because they must be old.



Look at the colors, the Carrots are almost standard size and then I thought I noticed Turnips. ?  These “turnips” look better then any of the turnips I have seen before.  It looks so light green and fresh.  Then looking closely it was actually Kohlrabi.  Kohlrabi is kind of a turnip and cabbage combined.  This too was a surprise as it is added into soups and even sliced and fried with a tempura batter. In Malaysia the Chinese might stirfry it and there are even recipes of it eaten with local cincalok.

The beetroots was another wonder.  I only knew on this day at Varthur Market that Indians use beetroot in their cooking.  All my life I thought Beetroot was a typical western vegetable used in salads and some Australian Burgers may give you a slice of it as well. Yukkk!

The color of the aubergines are not what we are used to.  It looks appetising and not so deep purple.  If you notice where the man is standing, there was even remnants of Rhubarb or so I thought, but it was actually local Chards.  Strangely after checking, it is also part of the Indian Diet.

The bittergourd actually looks more frightening and potent then what we are used to.   There were a lot of Bottle Gourd, at least that is what I think it is.  Again I never could imagine this to be apart of the Indian diet.


This is betel nut leaf, all arranged and sold with different Areca Nuts. Again I got that funny look, so I didn’t dare take anymore photos.  It is strange how everyone stopped and looked at me when I entered the market.   There are heaps of Betel Nut leaves  here all arranged so well.  I actually have it in my garden so next time if I serve it, I might just do the same thing.

In Malaysia and Thailand this is used as part of our cooking ingredients.

Here however, it is chewed with Areca nuts and can often make the person high.  The irritating thing about this is the spitting after all the flavor is gone.


Indian provision needs are available as well.  They will sell different lentils, and rice and oils and jaggery which is palm sugar with varying colors.  Those little square things on the right is a form of jaggery.  I saw a lot of spices and chilly powders but the thing is, LANGUAGE!

People in Bangalore speak Hindi and Kannada, so don’t be fooled that all Indians speak Tamil as most people think.. even me once upon a time. This is the difficult part of buying stuff over here especially from small retailers.

I was so silly, I had this intention of buying spices thinking it was different chilly powders and turmeric. Then I wondered why the colors looked odd, then Kenneth told me it was colored Sandalwood Powder. So there you go.


More local fresh produce… just look at how crisp and gorgeous it all looks.  More vegetable varieties here, sweet potatoes, bitter gourd, capsicums, and look at those gorgeous washed potatoes..  they are perfect size for a good baked potato and they even had baby potatoes.  The Pumpkins looked so photogenic as well.

The photo didn’t quite happen though.  These two boys perked up when I started taking photos.



At 11.30 am, and they were still so fresh.  Look at the Coreander leaves, and they even had Dill.  It was such a learning experience for me.



The myriad colors of Vegetables.



Watermelons galore.  They were everywhere.


Local Bangalore Grapes…40 rupees for 500 gm, and it was a nice sweet and sour and seedless too.



More local fruits. The Honeydew was a perfect size for one person.  THe pomegranate was wonderful, ruby red and sweetish as well. I do not like sweet fruit.  I also bought some mandarins.  All 40 rupees per 500 gm.

Now for the not so pretty part… but seriously I am sure many moons ago Malaysia was the same.



I only took this because of the unformed eggs in the chicken.  How do you eat that?



More chooks a hanging.

And last but not least!






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