Daily Archives: June 6, 2016

My Burger Lab Revisited

I haven’t been to Burger Lab for a little more than two years ago.  First of all it’s often crowded and back then they didn’t even have the upstairs yet and another reason was the last time I waited there with a friend at 4 pm to be the FIRST! And by 4.40pm the line was two shops long and I got thirsty and the Free Water was outside and I asked one of the girls if I could have a cup of water seeing that no one on the whole row sold any drinks and she promptly said NO!


So that was major PUT OFF 2!  So hence the long break before revisiting.


Today’s visit was more so because of the Salted Egg Fries.  As most of you know, I just love anything salted egg, so when this opportunity came up I went along.


Now Friend was dying to taste the Portobello Mushroom Burger as she never had the chance to try it when she was at Tavern Kitchen and Bar in Kota Kinabalu.  So she was most excited of the prospect of finally tasting it.


I was more worried of having to line up because we went at 6.45pm. I hate lining up!


I was pleasantly surprised that although the place was busy, I was fourth in line.  And within five minute order done and sat down and low and behold…I turned around and the line was already outside the door.



Food came rather quickly too. The kitchen seems bigger and much busier now with many more staff.


We had Vivien’s Husband and A+ Burger… I wanted my sauce separated as I do not like wet burgers.


And of course the Fries with Salted Eggs.


Vivien’s Husband hasn’t changed since the last time I ate it. Kudos to the consistency of Burger Lab.  In fact the Buns have improved too.  In my last blog which I wrote in 2012 about Burger Lab I did say the Burger buns looked cheap and nothing special…  well this has changed.  The trademark Charcoal Bun is now darker and firmer and does not look dead.  The Bun has a slight bite so to speak.



Friend examined the burger like a mother in law examining her daughter in laws cooking…  she looked up and said it was nice and ate it like a happy child.  The mushroom is coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried and it has a slice of cheese and a pineapple ring.  It has a mango mayo of sorts, but Friend didn’t mention anything about it.

Mine was a simple burger.  A wafer thin crispy grilled cheese with mushrooms and caramelized onions and of course the patty.  I did find the patty a trite thin.  I have been to Burger lab when it first opened and many times in between till the last water incident so I can truly say so.  But burger was a burst of flavor but unfortunately my caramelized onions slipped out of the burger and I only found it after I finished the whole thing.  While I grumble the patty was thin, It was still good and was just enough to fill me up.  Anything more and I would have been too full and moody.


Now the much awaited chips.  For some reason I had this thing in my head that it was chips coated with salted egg, much like hum tan tofu, or hum tan prawns. I really do not know why.  Of course I was negligent for not reading the menu, but I’d like to say that I couldn’t find fault with it.  Aside that it might have needed a bit more salted egginess.  It was just fine.


I’m proud to say the Burger Lab deserves accolades for its growth.  It now has four outlets, Seapark, Taman OUG, Cyberjaya and Bandar Sunway.  I remember the time when they first opened nervously in an area not known for its food and beverage prowess.  It has come a long way.  Their menu is more extensive now with salads and desserts both I have to try out when I get my whole gang involved.


Kudos to you My Burger Lab…  you were a bunch of young people and now you have matured into respectable business men in the Malaysian food scene.